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Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Two

    Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner continue with their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Duck Shooting in South Africa With Matt Cole

    We follow experienced shooter Matt Cole for an epic duck shooting adventure in the North West province of South Africa at the prestigious Cawood’s Hope Game Lodge in the famous Northern Cape. This privately owned family run farm covers 10 acres of lush green grass and colourful native flowers. Not...


Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Kudu

Realtree Global Hunting returns to South Africa for one last epic air gun hunting adventure. So far during this amazing hunting safari, the Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle from Crosman has taken a variety of African game. Each animal has fallen to the mighty big bore air rifle...

Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Oryx

Realtree Global Hunting returns for another epic air gun hunting safari. The all-new Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle from Crosman has taken a variety of African game. An astonishing seven animals have fallen to the mighty big bore air rifle, each one passing with just a single shot...

Antler Geeks: Close But Not Close Enough Editor and Antler Geek Tony Hansen spent a weekend in southern Ohio hoping to catch up with a post-rut whitetail. With gun season just past, it was a mystery as to whether any of the target bucks were still alive. Well, one was. And it showed up. What happened...

Antler Geeks: Tough Deer Hunting In Kansas

The rut is supposed to be the best time of the year for a whitetail hunter. But someone forgot to tell that to the whitetails in Kansas this fall. Antler Geek , and Guns and Camo columnist, Adam Millard spent a week in the famed whitetail state during what should...

Shooting At Long Range With WMS Firearms Training

Realtree Global Hunting returns for another lesson in extreme long range shooting. On Today’s episode, we’re back in the beautiful Welsh countryside for an epic long range shooting session with WMS Firearms Training. The last time we visited ‘shooting guru’ Andrew Venable’s ‘Sniper School’ we learnt how to make a...

Back 40: Rut Hunting on Small Properties

The rut of 2015 has been a strange one indeed. It's a feast of famine affair and when you're hunting a small piece of property, that fact is amplified. Dave Skinner is taking on the whitetail rut in his home state of Kentucky while hunting a small piece of ground...

Antler Geeks: Chasing The Rut Editor Tony Hansen and the Antler Geeks crew have been chasing the rut all month. From Michigan to Ohio to Kansas, they've been chasing and seeking -- unfortunately the whitetails have not followed suit. After lackluster action in Michigan and Ohio, Hansen heads to Kansas in hopes of catching...

The X: Duck Hunting In Alberta

The Fowled Reality crew hunts in Alberta. It's one of those hunts waterfowlers stay awake at night thinking about. Ducks fly. Guns blast. Ducks fall. Don't miss this webisode.

Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Black Wildebeest

Realtree Global Hunting returns as Chief of International Pro Team Ian Harford embarks on yet another epic hunting safari adventure with the Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore Air Rifle – This time he’s after Black Wildebeest. Africa, the Dark Continent is considered by many to be the home big game...

Antler Geeks: Lull Action

The October Lull is a dreaded time for most bowhunters. But Editor Tony Hansen uses the lull to his advantage. During the lull period, bucks will often relocate in response to increased hunting pressure and human activity in the woods. Where those bucks settle is where they'll spend the...

The Back 40: Dealing with the October Lull

The October Lull has arrived and Dave Skinner is putting a plan into motion that wil help him handle the event on the small avreage that he's hunting. Need help getting through the lull? Check out the video.

The X: Public Land Duck Hunting in Minnesota

The Fowled Reality crew is back and they start off a new season of The X with a public land outing in Minnesota. There's flooded rice and whistling wings. Duck season is back in a big way.