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  • Deer Hunting QOW: Are Rut Tactics Good for Old Bucks?

    In this installment of Realtree's Deer Hunting Question of the Week, Max from Wisconsin is asking about rut tactics and really old bucks. Watch the video above to hear our reply. Each week, we are going to select one reader-submitted question between now and the end of deer season to...

  • Deer Hunting Tip: Planting Micro Plots

    Watch as Josh Honeycutt talks about planting small micro kill plots for deer hunting. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .


Phil Robertson Talks Duck Hunting and Head Biting

In Part 2 of our exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander shares insight on biting heads and other duck hunting topics. Watch Part 1 of the Phil Robertson Interview Here . Also, check out other behind-the-scenes videos with the Duck Commanders including: Martin on Calling Godwin on...

Phil Robertson on Nutria Rats, His First Gun, and the Switch to Mossberg

Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander himself, chats with's Will Brantley about nutria rats, first shotguns, the Browning A-5, and the Duck Commanders' recent switch to Mossberg.

Antler Geeks: Another Michigan Buck Falls

Michigan is known for having plenty of hunters and hunting pressure. What it's not known for is producing mature bucks. But the Antler Geeks seem to have something figured out. In this episode of Antler Geeks, Tyler Ridenour drops the hammer on an opening day buck in southern Michigan. Check...

Rich Baugh Hunts a Buck Named Tall Brows

Whitetail Properties' Rich Baugh is after an old buck on his Iowa farm nicknamed Tall Brows. This is a buck Baugh has watched grow from a nice 3 1/2-year-old to a near 170-class trophy with giant brow tines. After spotting the buck from a distance, Baugh makes a few grunts...

15-Yard Files: Using Mock Scrapes During the Rut

In the final Fall 2013 episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris is bowhunting with his buddy Paul Bogart during the early part of the Missouri Rut. And he has a few tricks up his sleeve to pull a big buck to within bow range. In this episode, you'll learn:...

Duck Commander Behind The Scenes: Uncle Si on How Jase Got His Name

Duck Dynasty favorite and Duck Commander Uncle Si shares the tale of how Jase Robertson got his name.

Antler Geeks: A Michigan Monarch Whitetail Editor Tony Hansen completes a three-year quest for a 6-year-old whitetail in his home state of Michigan.

15-Yard Files: Aggressive Strategies Pull in 190-inch Buck

You read about aggressive deer hunting strategies all the time. In this episode of The 15-Yard Files, you'll get to see them in action. Host Cally Morris is in a treestand in Iowa using everything at his disposal -- rattling horns, grunt calls, doe bleats, snort-wheezing and decoys -- to...

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Jep on Everything

Duck Commander Jep Robertson shares tips and tactics for duck hunting and a few thoughts on just about everything else. . . including beavers.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Martin on Calling

Duck Commander Justin Martin shares some duck calling tips and advice.

15-Yard Files: Monster Iowa 8-Pointer at Midday

Episode 4 of The 15-Yard Files takes a break from the elk woods in favor of a deer stand in Iowa. Annetta Morris with Hazel Creek settles in to a less-than-comfortable thorn tree that just happens to be growing in the ideal ambush location where big bucks have been seen...

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Godwin on Decoys

We're behind the scenes with the Duck Commanders. Today, decoy technician John Godwin shares his advice and thoughts on duck decoy spreads.