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Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Two

    Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner continue with their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Duck Shooting in South Africa With Matt Cole

    We follow experienced shooter Matt Cole for an epic duck shooting adventure in the North West province of South Africa at the prestigious Cawood’s Hope Game Lodge in the famous Northern Cape. This privately owned family run farm covers 10 acres of lush green grass and colourful native flowers. Not...


Bowfishing Show: Flying Fish Sticks

Travis "T-Bone" Turner loves fish sticks. And bowfishing. Why not combine both into one? That's exactly what T-Bone does on this week's installment of the Bowfishing Show. Turner and a boatload of bow-wielding anglers are on the hunt for Asian carp and they find no shortage of targets. The environment...

Anti-Poaching in Mozambique

In this weeks episode of Realtree Global Hunting, Ian Harford is in Mozambique, out in the African bush. It's no walk in the park out here, whilst being breathtakingly beautiful, the wilderness of Mozambique hides numerous dangers around every corner. Mozambique is a relatively young country, gaining independence in 1975,...

How to Clean and Maintain Your Rifle - Part Two

Following on from last weeks episode of 'How to Clean and Maintain Your Rifle', we conclude with episode two talking through those last final tips to ensure that your rifle is kept in tip top condition. Now you just need to put it into practice ............... enjoy!

Jamaican Jerk Fallow - From Field to Fork

This week on Realtree Global Hunting, we have something a little different for you. We are joined by British hunter, master chef and business owner Cai Ap Bryn, as he looks to take a fallow deer, so he can later take us through his delicious Jamaican Jerk Fallow dish. No...

How to Clean and Maintain Your Rifle - Part One

Your rifle is an essential part of your hunting gear, and needs to be kept in tip top condition. Here in part one of 'How to Clean and Maintain Your Rifle', Cervus UK's Keith Watson talks us through the step by step process of ensuring your rifle is maintained correctly.

Bowfishing Show: Straight-Up Rays

There's no messing around in this episode of the Bowfishing Show. No banter. No unnecessary clutter. Just four minutes of straight-up stingray action with Travis "T-Bone" Turner and his crew. Be sure to check out previous episodes from this season as well. 1 Million Silver Carp Grass Carp Chasin'

Team Realtree at the 2014 Swedish Game Fair

This week on Realtree Global Hunting on we have a very special episode, we are joined by Realtree members Clare Harford and Kindra Fisher as they drive 2,800 miles across Europe to the Swedish Game Fair at the Castle of Tullgarn to launch the Hunters Hunt Down Cancer Campaign. Realtree...

Bowfishing Show: Grass Carp Chasin'

Tommy Woods unloads the Realtree Air Ranger and hits the backwaters in search of grass carp on Lake Guntersville in the second episode of the 2014 season of Realtree's Bowfishing Show. The action is fast and furious even if the weather is less than ideal. The end result is a...

Driven Wild Boar Hunt in the Czech Republic

This week on Realtree Global Hunting, Realtree International Pro Hunters Keith Anderson and Steve Wild are rounding up their mammoth European Hunting Adventure in the Czech Republic. Both Keith and Steve, look to bag plenty of boar and deer for the table whilst helping with local land management! The owner...

How to make Venison Sausages

With Summer just around the corner and everyone getting ready to enjoy the sunshine........ what would go better on the BBQ than some fresh, tasty Venison Sausage? In this video, master butcher Steve Wild takes you through a step-by-step process of making your own Venison Sausage. Now you can have...

Bowfishing Show: 1 Million Silver Carp

Will Brantley, Editor of, heads to the Cumberland River with buddy Will Robey and his son Gabe in this episode of the Bowfishing Show. A recent dieoff of silver carp was reported to have resulted in the loss of some 500,000 of the invasive fish. Would the loss of...

Night Vision Hunting - Three Foxes, One Night!

Welcome to another episode of Realtree Global Hunting! This week we are back in rural Staffordshire, located in the heart of England with lethal fox hunting duo Nathan Whitehead and Pete Malkin! Both are on the hunt for some crafty Charlies (Foxes) that have been wreaking havoc on a farm's...