Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Driven Wild Boar with Owen Beardsmore

    Today on Realtree Global Hunting, we follow Owen Beardsmore in Prague on a traditional driven hunt for wild boar. It's an important part of the management of the estate and always yields a good amount of game. Picking your peg will often determine your success, but remaining concealed and quick...

  • How to Determine Effective Bow Range

    In recent years, archery gear has seen major improvements thanks to new technologies and innovative designs. Because of these advancements today's archers can shoot with extreme accuracy, at distances much greater than once thought possible. While stretching out shot distances during practice is fun, taking long shots in the field...


Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Martin on Calling

Duck Commander Justin Martin shares some duck calling tips and advice.

15-Yard Files: Monster Iowa 8-Pointer at Midday

Episode 4 of The 15-Yard Files takes a break from the elk woods in favor of a deer stand in Iowa. Annetta Morris with Hazel Creek settles in to a less-than-comfortable thorn tree that just happens to be growing in the ideal ambush location where big bucks have been seen...

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Godwin on Decoys

We're behind the scenes with the Duck Commanders. Today, decoy technician John Godwin shares his advice and thoughts on duck decoy spreads.

T-Bone's Tips: Proper Release Length

Travis "T-Bone" Turner knows a thing or two about putting an arrow on target. And one of his keys is the proper length of your release. T-Bone recommends having the release positioned so that you're able to get a solid, 90-degree angle on your finger. In this video, he shows...

Antler Geeks: Kansas Kickoff

The Antler Geeks are back for another season of reality. Once again, the guys kick off the season in Kansas during the early muzzleloader season. Adam Millard and Tyler Ridenour find some good bucks just days before the season opens. And then the winds came. Dust storms, tattered tents and...

The 15-Yard Files: Close-Range Mistakes

Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy and host of Realtree's 15 Yard Files, is fond of repeating this lesson: "A guy saves up for two or three years to take the big game hunt of a lifetime. He practices with his bow, reads up in the magazines, and feels...

The 15-Yard Files: The Quartering-to Shot

The quartering-to shot is controversial, no doubt about that. And doubly so on a big, heavy animal like an elk. But as you'll see in this video, the shot is deadly when done right.

T-Bone's Tips: More Fun With String Wax

Travis "T-Bone" Turner shares another great tip for setting up your bow and, yes, it again involves string wax. When trying to tighten steel screws against aluminum components, it can be difficult to get things ultra-tight. And, of course, there's always the risk of those steel screws and bolts gathering...

Tips for Blood-Trailing Deer

Bowhunters know that recovering a wounded buck can be as much an art as it is a science. Of course, it all starts with making the perfect shot. This guide shows you where to aim, and how to know exactly where your arrow during the excitement of the moment .

Duck Commanders Behind the Scenes: Uncle Si's Tea Cup

Have you ever wondered if Uncle Si really does carry that tea cup around all the time? The answer is yes. He does. This clip was taken during a Realtree commercial shoot at Duck Commander HQ. Be watching for more exclusive, behind-the-scenes Duck Commander videos all fall on

The 15-Yard Files: Big Bull at 10 Steps

Welcome to the first episode of The 15-Yard Files. The focus of this show, as the name suggests, is all about getting close to big game animals, from bull elk to whitetails to gobbling turkeys, and closing the deal.

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Broadhead For Your Crossbow

Are you a crossbow hunter? Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers advice on choosing a broadhead for your crossbow. With the speeds generated by crossbows, choosing the proper style of broadhead is critical to consistent and accurate arrow flight. T-Bone recommends a mechanical head. Check out the video to find out why.