Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Bowhunting Tip: Adjusting Draw Length on a Bow

    T-Bone and Pitts explain how to properly adjust the draw length on a new bow. Follow along as they explain this process step-by-step. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Deer Hunting QOW: Are Rut Tactics Good for Old Bucks?

    In this installment of Realtree's Deer Hunting Question of the Week, Max from Wisconsin is asking about rut tactics and really old bucks. Watch the video above to hear our reply. Each week, we are going to select one reader-submitted question between now and the end of deer season to...


Realtree Presents Marquese Scott

New gun? New rifle scope? Nope. But you need to watch this video. Hip-hop dancer Marquese Scott, also known as "Nonstop," has been featured on "America's Got Talent," "So You Think You Can Dance," numerous advertisements, and countless live performances. Yesterday, at the 2013 SHOT Show, he ended up in...

Realtree at SHOT Show 2013: EOTech XBow Crossbow Sight Review's Will Brantley gives a first look at the EOTech XBow crossbow sight during the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Thompson Center Venture Compact

Realtree's Tony Hansen tests out the all new Thompson/Center Venture Compact at the 2013 SHOT Show. This rifle is, of course, a compact, 20-inch barrel version of T/C's highly popular Venture. It's available in short-action calibers ranging from .204 Ruger to .308, has an accuracy guarantee and should be available...

Realtree at ATA: CamoWraps

Who doesn't like a little camo bling on their truck? The folks at CamoWrap make it easy to add camo accents to your truck. The editorial crew stopped by the CamoWraps booth to check out their new 2013 product line.

Realtree at ATA: The Quest Drive

The Quest Drive by G5 Outdoors is a smooth, fast shooter with a solid back wall, but available at a reasonable price. We tested it on the practice range at the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Realtree at ATA: Hoyt Charger Review

The 2013 Hoyt Charger is a budget-priced bow that performs like a higher-priced bow.

Antler Geeks: A mature late-season buck in Southern Michigan

Antler Geek Tyler Ridenour has been chasing a mature southern Michigan buck all season. He finally catches up with the buck during the late muzzleloader season. But the buck, due to an injury and stress, has shed its abnormal antler. Will Tyler take the shot? Watch and find out.

Realtree at ATA: The 2013 Elite Hunter

Anthony Dixon unveils the 2013 Elite Hunter at the 2013 ATA Show. The Hunter shares a name with last year's model, but that's it. The bow has been completely redesigned with a new riser and limb configuration as well as new Winner's Choice strings and a Cerakote coating.

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Quiver for Mechanical Broadheads

With the popularity of mechanical broadheads, Travis "T-Bone" Turner gets a lot of questions about how to best store them in a quiver. The key to choosing a quiver for mechanical broadheads is to choose a quiver with two contact points that will allow the arrow to be secured without...

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Peep Sight

Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers advice on choosing a peep sight for bowhunting. Peeps are a necessary bowhunting component but choosing one isn't as simple as you might think. Peeps come in an array of sizes and material choices. Travis' offers his tips on choosing a peep sight to best fit...

T-Bone's Tips: Buying a Used Bow

Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers tips on buying a used bow. The most critical step in buying a used bow is to first make sure the bow you're considering fits you. Draw length and draw weight should match your needs -- if not, you may end up spending as much on...

Antler Geeks: Big Public Land Bucks

After a frustrating start to the season, Antler Geek Tony Hansen heads to Iowa to chase big bucks on public land. There are plenty of encounters but the Geeks' string of bad luck continues.