Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Turkey Hunting Track Scouting Tip from Rachelle Hedrick

    What's one way to help you tell a gobbler track from a hen's footprint? Rachelle Hedrick offers a video tip on scouting turkey tracks. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting tips . Follow us on Facebook .

  • How to Pop Up a Ground Blind

    Ever have trouble getting a pop-up ground blind to pop up? Rachelle Hedrick offers some great tips for how to do this easily. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting and deer hunting . Follow us on Facebook .


Video: New Browning Ground Blind

Need a new ground blind? This new product from Browning could be just what you’re looking for. And remember, you saw the latest hunting gear from the ATA Show here first. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

Video: New Tink's Scents Products from the ATA Show

Do you like using scent lures while deer hunting? If you do, check out Tink’s new products for 2017. Then let us know in the comments below what you think about them. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

Video: New Groundbreaking Hunter Safety System Gear for 2017

Hunter Safety System has just come out with a new product that you put on your safety harness. What does it do? It helps cut down on the scent that builds up over time on those (sometimes) stanky harnesses. Because we all know trying to wash a harness can be...

Video: New Arctic Shield Gear from the 2017 ATA Show

We’re at the 2017 ATA Show and we’re all about deer hunting. That’s why we’re bringing you some of the latest and greatest products from a few of our partners. Check out what Arctic Shield is bringing to stores near you soon. Click here for more deer hunting articles and...

How to Field Judge a Deer on the Fly

Some hunters enjoy chasing mature bucks and passing on younger ones. But you can't do that if you don't know how to accurately field judge a white-tailed buck on the fly. Watch this video to learn more on how to do that. Click here for more deer hunting articles and...

5 Characteristics of Mature Bucks

When you're deer hunting, you don't always have a long time to make the decision to shoot. Oftentimes, you may only have five to 10 seconds to pull the trigger. That means you must learn to age bucks on the hoof well enough to make that snap decision in two...

Deer Hunting Tip: Reading Buck Rubs

Deer sign is a big part of deer hunting. But we often get too wrapped up in it. We fail to remember the vast majority of scrapes and rubs are made and tended at night. That said, we can use them to better understand the deer we hunt and how...

Bowhunting Tip: Traveling with Broadheads

Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner explain how to travel with broadheads. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

Deer Hunting Tip: Reading Deer Body Language 101

The ability to read a whitetail's body language is an important part of deer hunting. Understanding what different things mean can make the difference between a filled tag and going home empty-handed. Here we explain a little about two of the most important areas of focus — the ears and...

Barbary Ewe with Rachel Carrie

On todays episode of Realtree Global Girl we follow Rachel Carrie as she returns to Spain, to hunt for a Barbary Ewe with Corju Hunting. For more information on Corju Hunting, please visit

Italian Rabbit Meatballs with Cai Ap Bryn

This week we head to the kitchen to see what Cai is cooking up for us. Cai is passionate about the great outdoors, ethical harvesting of meat and preparing it for the table. He now proudly presents his company of outdoor cooking experiences, workshops and private catering: Game and Flames...

Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Three

Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner wrap up their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .