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Waterfowl Hunting Galleries

Waterfowl Decoy Magic: The Strategic 6

Decoy spreads are only limited by your imagination, but some configurations work better than others. Through almost 40 years of waterfowl hunting, I’ve identified seven sets that produce time after time in specific situations. Be ready if you use them, though. You’ll soon be covered up in birds. Click here...

Your Ultimate Teal Hunting Guide

The average blue-winged teal weighs a little more than a pound. Same for a cinnamon. And the world’s fattest greenwing probably never even hit the 1-pound plateau. So why do these tiny creatures enchant waterfowlers so much? Let’s count the ways. Teal attract us to first-chance, early season hunting, when...

Late Season Missouri Duck Hunt

Late-season waterfowl hunting can be some of the most exciting hunting of the season, as the last remaining holdouts of ducks and geese make their final push south. With the Mississippi Flyway being one of the major thoroughfares for waterfowl, hunting with Dirty Rice Outfitters in the bootheel of Missouri...

Adventures Abroad with BOTE

Sometimes a smaller, more manueverable way to navigate is just what is needed. BOTE can make that happen. Paddle to wherever the "X" is on your map.

Camo Goes Fishing

Camo works great in the woods. And it also looks great on the water. Members of the Realtree staff recently returned from the 2015 iCAST show where the leaders in fishing and on-the-water gear gathered to showcase their latest and greatest. And plenty of it was wrapped in Realtree camo...

Cool New Camo Fishing Products from ICAST

As much as we look forward to fall, summer is still technically here for a while longer. Truth be told, we don’t want it to fly by too fast because we like to do a little fishing, too. And when it comes to fishing gear, no place on earth is...

Big Country Goose Hunt

What are the elements of a good waterfowl hunt? Is it cupped up birds? The dogs? The buddies? The mud? The calling? Or maybe a blend of all the above? These images show off classic Texas goose hunting at its finest.

Cut ‘Em!

Eastern Montana’s sugar beet fields during the heart of goose season are the perfect proving grounds for testing new Benelli shotguns .

Cupped and Committed

Cool facts, trivia and great photos of your favorite ducks with wings locked, feet down and necks outstretched

Game Changers

New hunting products come and go every year. Many of them are great products and find permanent homes in our day packs and hunting closets. Others are one-trick ponies that are soon forgotten. But a very few products are so influential that they completely change some hunting strategies altogether, and...

December Waterfowl Photo Contest Entries

Check out these entries to the Waterfowl Photo Contest! We received some great submissions for the Realtree Waterfowl Photo Contest in December. After carefully reviewing them all, we’ve picked a few of our favorites. These photos will be among the finalists eligible for winning gift cards to the RealStore...