5 to 9 with Kayla Nevius

From public land bucks to pot-bellied bucketmouth bass, Kayla brings her 5-to-9 adventures here and provides a glimpse into the life of a blue-collar outdoors addict. 

A Day with Dad

My dad always goes to check out one of the special draw deer hunts near my home. I’ve always heard him brag about the huge bucks he sees and how cool it is to go to the camp and talk to the hunters, hear their stories, and see the bucks...

My First SHOT Show Ever

The 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was a great experience, especially for my first year attending. I got to meet a lot of awesome people, have a lot of good conversations, and have more laughs than I can count. Check out these photos I took at the SHOT Show.

MY DIY Duck Hunt For Dinner

I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out the local ducks . We didn't get the ducks completely figured out, but we checked out a couple different areas of the lake and river and shot enough for dinner for a couple nights. It was my first time hunting...

Meet Kayla Nevius

My name is Kayla Nevius and I'm a California girl. But not that kind. The other California. The California where I grew up in a small town surrounded by mountains, with a local lake and river nearby where I grew up hunting and fishing. As soon as I could walk,...