The Chronicles: Deer Hunting the Rut in Kansas
Avoid Duck and Goose Decoy Disasters
January Gems: 5 Places Late-Season Ducks Love to Hide
The Chronicles: Deer Hunting the Rut in Nebraska
7 Reasons You Didn’t Kill a Late-Season Buck
  • Duck Hunting Diversity: Ultimate Mixed Bags

    Now and then, the stars (and ducks) align in fine fashion and let you take a one-species duck limit, whether that’s four greenheads in the Arkansas timber or six gaddies on a North Dakota slough. But most days, a full strap features a mix of ducks. And honestly, many folks...

  • Alligator and Python Entangle on Golf Course

    You occasionally hear of golfers spotting alligators on the courses in Florida, but those golfing at Filddler's Creek Golf Course in the Sunshine State last week no doubt saw something they'd never seen before. According to NBC 2 , golfers witnessed an epic battle between an alligator and python. Dr...

  • 74-Year-Old Man Gets His First Whitetail

    Deer hunting is a storied tradition. It’s a heritage for both men and women and the old and young. It’s something everyone can enjoy. And anyone can take steps to enjoy it on whatever scale they choose. That’s why I was super excited to hear my grandfather-in-law say he wanted...

  • The Reason for the Hunt: 74-Year-Old Man Gets His First Deer

    Follow along in episode No. 4 of The Reason for the Hunt as 74-year-old Guy Cole goes deer hunting adjacent to the property he was born and raised on in Kentucky. Watch as he attempts to take his first deer. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You...

  • Chasing November: 175-Inch Trail Camera Trophy, Public Land Musket Quest

    Are you a fan of Chasing November ? Here’s the latest episode of the second season. Check out this week’s action. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

  • Why Shooting More Does Will Increase Your Buck Sightings

    It might seem counterproductive. After all, everyone knows that bucks are attracted to does during the rut, but taking more does from your hunting area can actually increase your buck sightings. So how does it work? The secret is taking the right does and at the right time of year...

  • 6-Year-Old Boy Scratched by Bat Dies from Rabies

    A devastated father is mourning the death of his 6-year-old son who passed away from rabies after being scratched by a rabies-infected bat in his home state of Florida. According to ABC News, the bat scratched Ryker Roque after his father, Henry Roque placed the bat in the bucket. According...

  • Elk Burger Ramen Recipe

    Back in our college days, beer money always seemed to be in short supply. It certainly couldn’t be wasted on mere frivolities like groceries. Wild game and Ramen noodles kept us fed. Back then, we made this recipe with ground venison and it became a favorite way to feed our...

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