10 Tips for Better Dove Hunting
Planting a Food Plot from Start to Finish
David Blanton Hunts a Giant Bighorn Sheep
How to Make 15-Dollar Watering Holes for Deer
Analyzing the World Record Typical Hanson Buck
A Detailed Look Into Antlered Buck Management
How to Disk and Prep Food Plot Seedbeds
Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Red Clover
  • Things You'll Never Hear During the Duck Hunting Opener

    Public-property waterfowl openers evoke many images, including those with lots of birds … and lots of hunters. The situation is ripe for exchanges and conversation. But let’s agree there are some comments you’ll never hear during a public opener. Here are a few tongue-in-cheek examples. “Gosh, those guys at the...

  • 5 Things You Need in a Good Hunting Camp

    I've been fortunate to hunt wild turkeys around the United States and down in Mexico. Some camps are memorable for all the right reasons. Others, well, you'd best soon forget them. Fortunately the latter deal is rare. Check out these five things you need in a good hunting camp. A...

  • 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Use a Decoy for Fall Turkey Hunting

    The use of turkey hunting decoys in the fall is smart or stupid, depending. First, some reasons why you shouldn't use decoys when fall turkey hunting. 1. Either-Sex Turkey Hunts In many of the 42 states permitting fall turkey hunting, either-sex birds are legal to take.This means it's important to...

  • Squirrel Hunting Myths and Facts

    [Editor's note: The author is a lifelong "Yankee." His comment is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.] Why some Yankees don’t squirrel hunt . . . Let’s look at the subtitle here, shall we, and jump right into this. There are lots of reasons why people, and yes, Yankees – those folk...

  • 10 Tips for Better Dove Hunting

    Follow this pro shotgunner’s advice, and you’ll never miss another dove again (well, almost never).

  • Georgia Deer Attack Dogs, Terrorize Neighborhood

    Aggressive deer are targeting both people and pets in Peachtree City, Georgia, and have even killed one dog. Carolyn Taylor shot cell phone video of a deer that seemed unafraid of her while she walked the cart path on the local golf course with her dog. Her mother Susie Lucsko...

  • Planting a Food Plot from Start to Finish

    With a soil sample complete, Jeff Evans and Ryan Bland move on to the next step in creating a new food plot: spraying. Bland talks about his favorite chemical blend for spraying a plot, and the benefits of adding dye and crop oil to the mix. Spraying your plots prior...

  • Supplemental Feeding Does and Fawns During Spring and Summer

    This time of year, it's easy to think about big-racked velvet bucks and forget about does and fawns. What most don't realize, though, is getting fawns off to a good start has the potential to influence their future antler development for the better. And we certainly want to take care...

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