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  • David Bancroft's Deer Camp Chili Recipe

    A San Antonio, Texas, native with permanent roots in Auburn, Alabama, Bancroft is a self-taught chef, farmer and forager committed to showcasing sustainable ingredients and local harvests. In August 2013, Bancroft and his wife Christin opened Acre restaurant in Auburn. The seasonally influenced menu reinterprets the rich heritage of Alabama...

  • Watch Husky Play with Coyote

    When I first started watching this YouTube video, I thought the coyote was stalking the dog. But, then after watching more of the footage and reading the video description written by the dog's owner, I realized the dog and coyote were friends. The video description states, "Onyx the Siberian Husky...

  • How to Teach Somebody to Turkey Hunt

    If you’ve never helped a beginning turkey hunter start climbing the learning curve, you’re missing one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sport. Archibald Rutledge wrote many years ago that “Some men are mere hunters; others are turkey hunters,” and he was right. There’s something about this bird, and...

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    Top 5 Scoring Rio Grande Gobblers

    To many of us, Rio Grande turkey hunting means Texas, Oklahoma and that part of the country. You'll also find them roosting above the lush California vineyards north of Los Angeles and even across the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. And many other states west of the Mississippi River. Check out...

  • 7 Crazy Things You See in Turkey Hunting Camp

    Turkey hunting camp is your home away from home. It's where you meet with your buds, hatch plans to go after gobblers you've located, and where, well, crazy things sometimes happen. Seven of these wild and warped events follow. 1. Wet Socks I mean, where do you put them? I've...

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    Top 5 Scoring Osceola Wild Turkeys

    Osceolas are a hard-gobbling, sharp-spurred, swamp-loving subspecies of wild turkey found only in Florida. There are also Easterns and hybrids along the northern intergrade line. That said, I love Osceolas and I'll hunt them this spring. For many hardcore turkey hunters, it's the first stop at the beginning of another...

  • Delta's First-Duck Pin Program Continues to Roll

    Delta Waterfowl continues to bring new waterfowl hunters into the sport by awarding youngsters with First-Duck Pins and certificates of recognition for taking their first waterfowl . Realtree is the Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl, and the Presenting Sponsor of Delta’s First Hunt and First-Duck Pin programs, which...

  • How to Buy a Used Compound Bow

    Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers tips on buying a used bow. The most critical step in buying a used bow is to first make sure the bow you're considering fits you. Draw length and draw weight should match your needs -- if not, you may end up spending as much on...

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