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  • Duck Hunting: 6 Ways to Do it Right

    You can pursue waterfowl in many fashions and at widely varying areas. But whether you wade narrow streams, ply vast open water or hunker in muddy fields, how you conduct yourself defines you as a duck hunter. Everyone’s personal code of ethics varies, of course. But let’s agree that following...

  • Traeger Blackened Bass Recipe

    One of the great things about the new Traeger Timberline is the fact that it gets hot enough for a really good sear. I like to put that heat to work for fish. The wood smoke gives blackened fish a flavor you just can't get on the range top. Now,...

  • Deer Hunting in Arizona

    Season Dates (2017) Season dates vary by units and species hunted. Check regulations for specifics. T he Grade: A The Grand Canyon State offers both mule deer and the Coues whitetail in solid numbers; and if you are looking to add a Coues whitetail to your trophy room, then look...

  • Is That Head-Bobbing Deer Trying to Get You to Move? Maybe.

    Anyone who’s hunted for any length of time has had a deer pick them off. Sometimes they peg you and immediately head for the hills. Other times, they don’t quite know what they’re seeing, but know it isn’t quite right. That’s generally when the head bobbing begins. So it begs...

  • Realtree.com Is Your Source for Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics

    It’s during the sweltering heat of summer that hunters often find themselves most depressed. Turkey season has come and gone. Deer season is still two months out. And there’s nothing to do but wait. Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s plenty to be done. Now is the time for pre-season...

  • Deer Hunting in Connecticut

    Season Dates (2017): Season dates in Connecticut vary from private to public land, so check the hunting guide. Archery season on state land runs September 15 to November 14 and December 20-30. On private land, archery begins in September and runs as late as January, depending on location. Shotgun season...

  • Duck Hunting Royalty: Why the Mallard Reigns

    Anas platyrhynchos is the world’s most common and widespread wild duck ; even a frequent resident of parks, golf courses and city ponds. Yet when we sit by the fire and talk of fowling and hunts past, it becomes clear that we cherish and revere the mallard over all other...

  • The Chronicles (Teaser): Alberta Bear Hunting with a Bow

    Are you a bear hunter? Haven't been but would love to chase black bears some day? Check out this teaser video for the latest episode from The Chronicles as they chase black bears with a bow from the ground. The full webisode will be released this Friday, June 30. And...

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