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  • Grandma's Old Fashioned Blackberry Dumplings Recipe

    When my brother and I were young, we would pick wild blackberries for my grandmothers and my mom in hopes of our favorite dessert, blackberry dumplings. Back then, I hated picking the berries, but I loved the results. These days, I don't mind picking a few gallons of fresh blackberries...

  • My Test Drive of the Yamaha Kodiak 450

    As a member of the outdoor media, I occasionally get to go on some cool adventures. Last week, I got to check out the new Yamaha 2018 Kodiak 450 mid-class 4x4 ATV . And by check out, I mean drive it down rough and rugged trails through Capital State Forest...

  • Name That Realtree Pro Staffer: A First Duck Hunt

    Can you guess who this Realtree pro staffer is before time runs out? Submit your answer in the comments below. Are you a duck hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on duck hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

  • QDM Cooperatives: The Future of Deer Management on Small Properties

    To implement a Quality Deer Management (QDM) program , one initially needs two things — a piece of ground to manage and good reliable information. Originally, QDM was only truly effective on relatively large properties of 1,000 acres or more. However, today, with QDM being both familiar and desirable to...

  • Deer Hunting in Michigan

    Season Dates (2017): Youth and the early antlerless season is September 16-17. The disabled season will run October 19-22. Bow season opens October 1 and runs through November 14 before closing for the gun season, which runs November 15-30. Bow season reopens December 1 and runs through January 1. Muzzleloading...

  • Deer Hunting in Oregon

    Season Dates (2017): Dates largely vary by unit and region across Oregon, but generally, archery season falls in August and September, muzzleloader season begins in October and ends in November and rifle season starts in October and ends in November. Please check the state DNR's website to confirm. The Grade:...

  • Top 5 Waterfowl Hunting Concealment Fails

    Fancy calling, slick shooting and masterful decoy spreads mean nothing if ducks and geese see you. Concealment might be the No. 1 key to success at any waterfowling setup. Yet day after day, season after season, you see experienced, well-intentioned hunters stumble horribly when trying to hide. Maybe they underestimate...

  • Sous Vide Orange-Ginger Mallard Pan Seared in Duck-Fat Recipe

    If you have watched a cooking show in the past year or two, you have probably seen someone use the sous vide cooking method. Sous vide cookers work by circulating water over food sealed in a vacuum sealer bag. The moving water gently cooks the food to the set temperature...

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