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Tame Buck Attacks Colorado Woman Out Walking Her Dog
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  • Crazy Mass on a Kansas Monster Buck

    For being fairly new to bowhunting, Kansas’ Korbin Jones has had quite the stroke of luck. He took his first deer with a bow last fall — a buck that grossed 150 inches. And even though that buck set the bar high, he bested it when the buck of many...

  • Body-Cam Footage Shows Wildlife Conservation Officer Tackling and Pinning Buck to Ground

    Body-cam footage caught the impressive moment a wildlife conservation officer tackled and pinned a buck to the ground after it charged him. The deer attacked Utah Department of Wildlife Resources officer Kody Jones when he and Iron County, Utah, deputy Dustin Roy freed its antlers from a hammock that was...

  • Northwest Rut Report: Daylight Deer Movement Surprisingly Good

    Washington / Idaho The past couple of weekends here in northern Idaho have seen heavy rains that hindered hunters in mountain areas. Now the weather has cleared and nights are growing cooler, though we still haven’t received a hard freeze below 4,000-foot elevations. Previous to the wet weather, I was...

  • Tame Buck Attacks Colorado Woman Out Walking Her Dog

    A young buck that was likely raised by humans gored and seriously injured a Colorado woman last Friday. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the woman was walking her dog on a path near her home when the deer attacked and gored her with its antlers. “The attack comes...

  • Homemade Bourbon Vanilla Extract for Holiday Baking

    We are coming up on that time of year. Everyone loves homemade baked goodies at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think of the pies, cakes, cookies, and snacks that will adorn holiday tables throughout the season. What’s the one ingredient just about all of these baked goodies have in common? Vanilla extract...

  • Southwest Rut Report: Blacktail Action in California, Mule Deer Lying Low

    For most of us hunting out West, the elk rut is either over or darn close. Bugling bulls make for a special time of year, and we all look forward to it. When it’s good, it’s amazing. When it’s bad, you feel like you got screwed out of a month...

  • Southeast Rut Report: Spotty Mast and Weather, Buck Sign on the Rise

    We kick off Realtree’s 2020 Rut Report with the early season in the rearview, although some of the bucks around here don’t seem to have noticed it. Archery seasons opened in September in much of the region — Sept. 5 here in Kentucky — and by most accounts, the early...

  • Northeast Rut Report: Early-Season Patterns Still Linger

    In many parts of the Northeast, deer season has been open for weeks now. Hunters taking advantage of early bow seasons have already punched plenty of tags, but the best of the season is yet to come. You’d be hard pressed to find a buck in velvet anywhere from Maryland...

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