10 Tips for Great Deer Pictures
Bird Hunting and Trout Fishing in Idaho
7 Mistakes Coyote Hunters Make
How to Hunt Alaska on a Budget
5 Tips for Deer Hunting in Saddles
How to Can Deer Meat
5 Invasive Species That Are Threats to Whitetails
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  • 10 Tips for Great Deer Pictures

    This fall, either in bow or firearms season, maybe you will have the thrill of having a trophy whitetail come walking toward your stand site. If all emotions are controlled, you’ll make the shot and will soon be kneeling beside the buck of your dreams. At other times, kids and...

  • Tex-Mex Grilled Mule Deer Backstrap with Smoked Queso Recipe

    Something about the cactus-covered desert of a mule deer hunt puts me in the mood for Tex-Mex food. For this one, we coated the backstrap from a New Mexico mule deer with a Tex-Mex seasoning blend, grilled it to a nice medium-rare on the Traeger Grill , and served it...

  • Pre-Fixes: Troubleshooting Waterfowling Problems

    Most duck and goose hunters react well to problems that hinder success. Honkers picking you out? Find better cover. Ducks landing in the next bay? Move. Birds not finishing? Switch up the dekes. However, we often observe and attempt to fix trouble spots too late. After all, unless you realize...

  • Predator Calling Tips for When the Weather Sucks

    Do you know how to call predators when the weather sucks? You don’t always get to pick the days you hunt, so you have to make the most of those days, even if it means bundling up and braving adverse weather conditions that keep other hunters buttoned up at home...

  • Retired Game Warden Larry Case Blogs on Big Guns for Bad Bears

    In 1978, Cynthia Dusel-Bacon was severely mauled by a black bear in the Yukon wilderness of Alaska. Cynthia lost both arms as a result of the attack but went on to recover; she did not have a firearm with her when the attack occurred. Like it or not, the possibility...

  • Bird Hunting and Trout Fishing in Idaho

    Ed Anderson is a contemporary fine artist and former Air Force officer transplanted to the mountains of Idaho from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bold lines and bright colors have come to define his hunting and fishing compositions. "We’ve got some great desert rivers here," Anderson told us. "And it's pretty unique to...

  • Give Thanks

    Almost always after killing a wild turkey, I whisper: "Thanks." Sometimes I'm alone; sometimes I'm with a buddy. I'm moved. I'm grateful. My hands are almost always shaking, even after all these years. It never gets old. I'm forever amazed I got to do it one more time. And I'm...

  • 7 Mistakes Coyote Hunters Make

    As simple as the fundamentals of coyote hunting are, someone is out there, virtually every day, making mistakes through inattention to detail or, in some cases, by overthinking what should be a fairly simple, and fun, process. And that bothers Realtree pro staffer Byron South, who has been hunting predators...

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