Filleted, Scaled, or Skinned: What’s the Best Way to Eat a Bluegill?
Southeast Turkey Hatch Results
Surf-and-Turf Creamy Crawfish Over Grilled Venison Backstrap
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  • Watch Baby Raccoon Free Its Mother From Trap

    A couple of years ago, raccoons wreaked havoc on my screened-in back porch. They tore up cushions, toppled over furniture, and ripped the screen door. So, I set a live trap and waited. Morning after morning, I walked out to discover an empty trap with missing bait. I could never...

  • Deer Hunting in Kentucky

    Season Dates (2020): Archery season is September 5 to January 18. Crossbow season spans September 19 to January 18. Modern firearm is November 14 to 29. Early muzzleloader season is October 17 to 18 and late muzzleloader runs December 12 to 20. Youth weekend is October 10 to 11 and...

  • Deer Hunting in Tennessee

    Season Dates (2019): The Grade: B Deer Nation Knowledge:

  • Woman and Child Climb Into Alligator Pit to Retrieve Wallet

    It’s a bad idea to climb into an alligator pit to retrieve a lost wallet. It’s an even worse idea to let a young child tag along, but that’s exactly what happened recently at a wildlife park in Minnesota — and it was all caught on camera. According to Inside...

  • Filleted, Scaled, or Skinned: What’s the Best Way to Eat a Bluegill?

    Growing up, my brother and I had full run of more river bottom farmland than we could cover in a day by foot, by bicycle, or on horseback. Along with the river itself, the land was dotted with farm ponds of various shapes and sizes. We spent our summers fishing...

  • Southeast Turkey Hatch Results

    Every day was a Saturday this recent turkey season. The ongoing pandemic sheltered folks in place. The result: more time to hunt. By many accounts, designated public-land parking areas looked like used-truck lots. Hunting license and turkey permit sales, state depending, increased. That’s a good thing for cash-strapped wildlife agencies...

  • Duck Hunting Through the Eyes of a Novice

    Duck hunters talk a lot about recruiting the next generation of waterfowlers , and rightfully so. But I think we sometimes fail to hit the right formula for generating interest and fostering the development of young hunters. Too often, I fear, we take newbies hunting but treat the event like...

  • Surf-and-Turf Creamy Crawfish Over Grilled Venison Backstrap

    Think grilled venison backstrap can’t get any better? I’ll admit, a simple medallion of backstrap seasoned with salt and pepper and seared for a few minutes on a hot grill is one of the greatest meals on the planet. But what if you could have that same backstrap smothered in...

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