EZ Product Line


The most reliable and durable bow hanger on the market, the Realtree EZ  Hangers®, have continued to be the choice for hunters. Hunters can choose from three lengths (13, 23, and 34 inches) to position their bow perfectly, creating even less movement when readying for the shot. The 34-inch unit’s three arms allow hunters to manipulate the EZ Hanger into even more positions, giving more options when positioning their bow. 

This innovative line of bowhunters’ tools is expanding from bow holders to include saws, ropes and other essential accessories

The new and improved EZ Arm Guard™ keeps clothing against your arm for bowstring clearance. It easily slips on and keeps loose/bulky sleeves from catching your bowstring on release. No Velcro, buttons or clips to interfere with the shot.

The new EZ Folding Saw™ makes quick work of clearing brush while cutting trails, prepping trees for hanging trees stands and cutting material for ground blinds. Its specially engineered blade locks closed and the rubber handle provides comfortable use.

The EZhanger Crossbow™ allows you to hang your crossbow safely within reach, while keeping movement to a minimum. Just screw it into the tree. The additional EZ Hook secures the bottom of the hanger, while providing you an area to hang your binoculars, gloves or other accessories.

The EZ Hooks™ provide a convenient way for hanging gear and accessories within reach while in a tree stand, blind or camp. Best of all, they’re small enough to fit in your pocket.

The EZ Pic Cell Phone Holder™ helps you get that perfect shot by holding your smartphone securely. The holder is lightweight and easily mounts on the EZ Mounts with the standard ¼-inch threaded ball joint.

Both EZ Mounts™ eliminate the need for a cameraman by providing you with versatility for “over-the-shoulder” filming with “action cameras” and camera-ready shots in arm’s reach. Pair your EZ Mount with your trail camera for a choice of any tree at any angle.

The EZ Rope™ allows you to safely and easily hoist your bow and other equipment into your tree stand. Realtree’s secure-twist EZ Rope features 30 feet of flat cord with the EZ tie system to make attaching gear simple. Reflective threads on the flat cord help you locate your stand in the dark. The coated carbineer hook attaches to your tree stand.

The small folding Mini EZ Hangers™ give you better leverage to screw into your tree. Small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, the Mini EZ Hangers are ideal for hanging binoculars, backpacks, gloves and other hunting accessories within reach.

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