Realtree Rewind: Don Kisky's 213-Inch Giant


Hunter: Don Kisky 

Game: Midwestern Whitetails

Where: Southern Iowa

Hunting Method: Bow

Phase of Season: Pre-rut.

 Dates Hunted: November 1, 2002

Wind Direction & Weather Conditions: It was 19 degrees with a 5 mph Northwest wind

Stand Location: Weedy field-edge scrapeline

At first light we saw that split G-2 buck. He was down a ways along the timber’s edge. We rattled to him again. Keep in mind, I had just rattled this buck in the morning prior. This time, after hearing our horns clashing he walked over to a nearby bush and attacked it. He literally ripped the bush apart. Kandi caught it all on camera. Only problem, he would not come in! I looked back and Kandi and told her that “that’ deer is the most cowardly deer in the woods. He just wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t come to anything. At this point I knew that the only way to kill that deer is by NOT calling to him. He was just simply call shy.

It wasn’t 10 minutes after that episode that we looked up and there stood that mega-giant right over where the other buck had been. So it all started making sense as to why the G-2 buck was being so call shy — there was a 213-incher kicking his butt.

As the big boy stood still, we did the same thing. We rattled the horns. He then went over to a bush, tore it apart, then disappeared into the woods for about five minutes. I got nervous that he wasn’t coming up to us, so I grabbed the horns again and this time there were sparks coming off of them. I just barely got the horns set down and Kandi said, “There is coming right across the field coming straight for us.” He was coming right for our tree. I put the horns up, got my bow ready, and it looked like he was going to come into about 20 yards. Now I’m shooting an adjustable-bracket sight mind you. And at the last second he turned and started quartering away from us. Quickly I had to guess the yardage, stop him and determine how I should aim according to my 20-yard-pin setting. I put the 20-yard pin inside his spine, in the ribs, but it wasn’t quite high enough.

I let the arrow go and at first I thought I double-lunged him. The buck kicked his back legs up in the air and everything. I thought it was a good hit. The buck then ran into the woods, and then started walking towards me. Then I said to myself, “Man, I missed him!’ So right at that moment I figured that I “undershot’ him. Turned out that I grazed him—only took hair from him. This type of shot happens to be unlike me. Normally, I “overshoot’ everything!

So I got another arrow, and I could see that the buck was not phased by the haircut I gave him. He was all keyed up as he started walking right to me. His hair was all bristled up, and ears were laid back. He stopped at 20 yards, and I made a good double-lung shot this time. He ran out into the field. Now he’s just standing there at about 50 yards. I nocked another arrow and shot him again! Turns out that my third arrow hit in almost the same exact hole as the second shot. So the first shot I just grazed him, the second was one, maybe two lung-liver shot, and the third just cleaned him right out, lungs and heart. He ran off and we heard him crashing through the woods this time. Believe it or not this deer still went close to 150 yards.