Redneck Yacht Club Video


Waddell and Turner fit right into the country mix on the outdoor set. Truth be told, the due didn't have to spend very much time getting makeup put on.

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Thanks to the Country Goes Huntin’ event each year, I’ve met numerous country music stars that enjoy hunting and have realized they’re all a great bunch of guys. Country singer Craig Morgan, who had the recent hit “That’s What I Like About Sunday,” has become a good friend to the folks at Realtree. At the last NWTF convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Craig invited Michael and me over to his house for dinner, then he asked us and a couple of the guys with Hunter’s Specialties to star in his latest video “Redneck Yacht Club.” He said they needed some rednecks for the video, and we were just the guys to fit that role.

Needless to say, we were both really pumped about being in the video, and very flattered. Being around the Nashville country music scene is really exciting.

He told us we’d be out on a lake in boats all day long, so we decided to call Muzzy’s Mark Land to see if he’d bring out the Muzzy Bowfishing boat for the video. That boat, which is outfitted with a bunch of big lights and platforms, is as redneck as they come. Craig thought it would be a perfect fit for the video.

The rednecks were hard at play from the crack of dawn until the sun went down.

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The music video, directed by Peter Zavadil with Taillight TV, was filmed on Percy Priest Lake 30 minutes outside of Nashville. We stayed with Country Music Star Rhett Akins the previous night, then arrived at the lake the next morning before daylight to start filming.

They told us to come looking like rednecks, so Michael wore his “Will Hunt For Food” hat and I wore my T-Bone outfit, which included camo pants, a big baggy shirt and my T-Bone hat with the long bill with the cutout on front of it.

The first thing that morning, they filmed Craig on the back of a boat strumming his guitar with approximately 20 boats following him down the lake. Later they filmed Craig on a big houseboat with the little boats forming a circle around him in the lake. Everyone was swimming in the center. They videoed people doing back flips off the houseboat with an underwater camera. We had a great time dancing on the boats and just acting goofy. Michael, Mark and I all danced around on the Muzzy boat for a while. Throughout the day, they filmed Craig on different spots on different boats, and they played the song a million times. Although I really like the song, it began to get old.

Other country stars invited to Morgan's club were Rhett Akins (shown here working on his video-taking skills), Aaron Tippon and Blake Shelton.

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Craig invited some of his country music friends to participate in the video as well, such as Rhett Akins, Blake Shelton and Aaron Tippon. Aaron Tippon and Craig rode jet skis in the video, and Blake Shelton acted like he was bass fishing.

Approximately 40 people participated in the shoot, and there were probably 20 people on the crew. They really took care of us. They catered lunch and had boats bring it out to us while we were on the lake. They also made sure we had plenty of water. We had a great time playing around and fishing in between takes.

Before it got dark, the crew filmed the band standing in six to eight inches of water as they played the song with the sunset behind them. They also did a trick that was once used in a Police video many years ago. The crew filmed the band playing and Craig singing the song twice as fast as normal. When they slow the film down, it looks like Craig and the band are moving in slow motion, but the song is at regular speed and Craig’s lips are moving at regular speed. It’s a really cool trick.

When you watch a video, you may think that the crew films the scenes in sequence with the video. But actually, they film two- and three-second blips here and there, and then they pull it all together to make the video. Since I have been involved with the filming of the Monster Bucks videos, I understood a little bit about the filming process. Sometimes they’d take 1-1/2 hours just to set up a five-minute shot. We’d do the same thing when filming for Monster Bucks. I actually thought filming the video might take two days, but we got it all done in one day.

Oh, what fun it is to be a country music star!

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“Redneck Yacht Club” debuted the first week in July and has gotten a lot of air time since then. It’s a hoot seeing myself on a country music video. We really had a blast.

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