Anna Ribbeck

Anna Ribbeck, aka AnnaTheArcher, is a competitive 3D archer and bowhunter. She’s been shooting competitively for many years in the women’s hunter division at national ASA events. Her brand’s mission is to increase archery participation by educating and promoting positive, ethical, and safe archery practices.

Anna is known for her unique one-legged flamingo trick shots and she loves advocating for the sport. In 2018, she appeared on Wheel of Fortune where she introduced a national audience to the sport of archery! 

Anna’s background is incredibly unique. After having an inner ear disease, she had to quit playing basketball. She bought herself a bow in college, taught herself to shoot, and never looked back. In 2016, she moved to Gainesville, Florida where she “lived at the Bear Archery factory”. She would like to thank her Bear family for encouraging her to become a part of the outdoor industry and teaching her how to work on her own bow.

Anna uses her social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to promote the outdoor industry and the incredible sport of archery. She creates numerous educational archery videos, as well as trick shot videos! In 2018, she was introduced to bowhunting by a great mentor, Kinion Bankston, of Southern Boyz Outdoors.

“Bowhunting has been a completely eye opening experience for me; learning animal patterns, learning to be extremely patient, and how to be quiet. I had someone ask me what is the #1 lesson I have learned while hunting. My response, “Every time I hunt, I learn something new. It is a very humbling process and completely different than competitive archery. There is nothing more relaxing to me than being in nature. By the end of deer season, I am proud to say I felt comfortable with my hunting knowledge, and I was able to bow hunt by myself.”

Her advice to beginning archers, “Don’t be afraid to try new things and learn from others.”

Anna works the Archery Trade Association Trade Show each year and she enjoys sharing her love for the outdoors with all. Anna is extremely excited to bring her love for the sport and competitive edge to the Realtree team!