Decoy Bowhunt in Kansas!

By Online Hunting Journal #13

Decoy Bowhunt In Kansas
As Told By Michael Waddell, Compiled By Nino Bosaz


Hunter's Names: Michael Waddell w/cameraman Mike McKensey, Bill Jordan w/cameraman Roger Culpepper

Game Hunting: Midwestern Whitetail

Where Hunting: Kansas, with US Outfitters

Team Realtree had lots of success employing the Mojo Deer Decoy in conjunction with rattling anters and other calls. For more info on the decoys click here. Also, see sidebar below.
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Hunting Method: Bowhunting. Waddell used the new Hoyt Cyber-Tec Cam&1/2 bow. Team Realtree Muzzy 100-grain broadheads. Bill was hunting with his Fred Bear TRX We posted in river-bottom timber where we could see a good distance. Our aim was to see deer off in a distance and hopefully call them into bow range with horns and grunts. One unique aspect of this hunt is that we used the Mojo Deer Decoys. The heads on these decoys pivot adding a lot of realism. The hunting activity around these decoys was unbelievable. We rattled in so many bucks that came straight to the decoy! You could tell they were coming in just looking for a fight. They’d all come into the sets with “bad attitudes’ looking to jack the decoy up!

Phase of Season: Same as recent hunt we experienced in Iowa. We were trying to catch it right, where bucks would be cruising, looking for does. Bucks were very, very receptive to horns. We timed this hunt perfectly. Deer movement was exceptional.

Dates Hunted: November 14th through the 21st

Wind Direction & Weather Conditions: The weather was just right! High temps were in the low 30s during the day and dipping down to the 20s for lows. There were good, hard frosts for the first 3 mornings we hunted.

Stand Locations: The area hunted was mainly open. The thickest cover was in one big and wide strip of timber in a river bottom. This strip consisted mainly of cottonwood trees. Deer were bedding and traveling within this strip. This is where we spent the majority of our time.

Game Seen & Observations:
On the first morning of the hunt, Mike McKensey and I were hunting together. We rattled in a bunch of bucks—all on video. Then, on the second morning of the hunt, Mike and I again were rattling. Not long after, we both heard a deer grunting directly behind our setup. Mike was able to look and whispered back to me, “Mike, we’ve got a shooter buck comin’ in.” This deer was grunting, and his hair was all bristled up like a porcupine. He stiff-legged it right to the decoy. I shot him at 20 yards. The deer ran about 50 yards, jumped a fence, and still looked straight back at the decoy looking for a fight. The buck then piled up right there. The buck is a 160-class 10-pointer. It was just an awesome hunt, in real time and even more so on video. This one is turning out to be one of the best video hunts of the year to date.

Bill, on the other hand experienced about six or seven close calls on really big bucks. Each buck was given a nickname. There was the Mule buck and the Football Player buck, the Longhorn buck, the Kansamonster buck and others. Bill was having so many close calls. As it was, most of the bucks were coming in to about 40 or 50 yards, just out of bow range. He kept coming back to camp ready to pull his hair out. He was absolutely going nuts.

Again, what we noticed here in Kansas was similar to our recent Iowa hunt. Early on in the week the deer were coming in hard to horns, but as the week progressed, a lot of the bigger deer started pushing the does out of the river bottom into the more open, coulee-type areas. The bucks, we figured were pushing the hot does out of these high-deer-density areas to lessen the competition from the younger bucks. So again, the bigger bucks became less visible in the areas we were hunting. Luckily, I killed my deer early on, right when the timing was perfect Mike and I continued to hunt, trying to fill a doe tag. As the week wore on, the hunting got much tougher for Bill. When Bill did see a buck, 9 times out of 10 it was with a doe. Unless you were hunting in the perfect spot, you didn’t get a shot.

The toughest thing about hunting these Kansas deer was that there weren’t a whole bunch of funnels that would likely come through. All we had to work with was that fairly wide strip of river-bottom timber. There were only faint trails to hunt near. No trails were beat down, because the deer down there seemed to travel with no rhyme or reason. Basically, you just had to hope the doe was going to come your way with the trailing/chasing buck.

Trophy Notes: The buck taken sported a 19-inch spread with 13-inch G-2s! It was a very nice, mature 10-pointer

General Notes Taken: On the day Waddel killed his big 10-point, (November 16th) one of the guides’ daughters had a birthday. That night back at camp, the birthday cake was served to celebrate both enjoyable events. All in all the hunt was a great success. Both Team Realtree hunters experienced tons of action, hunted hard and long, and came back home to share their exciting exploits. Waddell and Jordan’s next hunting jaunt will take place in San Angelo, Texas.

Editor's Note: Check back soon for the images associated with the Decoy Bowhunt in Kansas.

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