November Photo Contest Entries


1 | Jeffery Ring

Photographer: Jeffery Ring, North Carolina. Nine-point piebald buck.

2 | Ben Householder

Photographer: Ben Householder, Ohio. “This is my son, Bryar, and me. Bryar harvested his first deer on September 28 with a crossbow.”

3 | Bryar Topp

Photographer: Bryar Topp, Wisconsin. “This is Muley. He was my second buck with a bow, and grossed 167.”

4 | Chase Cooper

Photographer: Chase Cooper, Oregon. “Fighting heavy rains in the Oregon back country.”

5 | Greg Ricks

Photographer: Greg Ricks, North Carolina. “The ‘Big 9’ was taken Nov. 5, 2010. I’ve been after this deer for three seasons.”

6 | Hank Maurer

Photographer: Hank Maurer, Minnesota. “I shot this buck during an evening hunt on opening day of Minnesota’s 2010 gun season. With me in the photo is my son, Zach, and daughter, Halle.”

7 | Jarred Lowery

Photographer: Jarred Lowery, Oklahoma. “My 8-year-old nephew, Jarron, and I were hunting in Allen, Oklahoma, during the blackpowder season. He toughed it out all day. Finally, this nice 8 came walking out at 100 yards at last light.”

8 | Justin Burdge

Photographer: Justin Burdge, Florida. “Me with my first buck on my back!”

9 | Laura Bell

Photographer: Laura Bell, Ohio. “Yahtzee! This picture shows my season high score of 398!”

10 | Mark Gregor

Photographer: Mark Gregor, Wisconsin. “You have to love the RUT! I shot this 12-pointer with the split G3 on the evening of Nov. 9.”

11 | Nick Nastase

Photographer: Nick Nastase, Michigan. “Times are tough here in Michigan, and what I lack in equipment, I make up for in the desire to spend time in the woods. This buck was shot at 18 yards on Oct. 31, 2010.”

12 | Shauna Woodward

Photographer: Shauna Woodward, South Dakota. “This is my daughter, Shelby, and me with my 2010 archery whitetail. Ladies, bowhunting is an extremely rewarding way to hunt! Give it a try!”

13 | Steve McFarland

Photographer: Steve McFarland, Ohio. “I harvested this 11-point typical whitetail on my farm in Adams County. It was my first time in the woods this season and my first deer ever. My son, Tyler, started hunting at age 14 and created an interest I have enjoyed the last three years.”

14 | Tim Whitney

Photographer: Tim Whitney, Montana. “This is Luke Whitney with his first whitetail buck. It was taken in Montana back in 1996.”

15 | Tracy Atchison

Photographer: Tracy Atchison, Kansas. “This is my 2010 muzzleloader buck. It unofficially scores 180. I shot it the last day of the Kansas muzzleloader season.”

16 | Sid Tingen

Photographer: Sid Tingen, Iowa. "This is my Iowa buck harvested on public land. I shot him on the last day of my six-day hunt."