Photo Contest Winners Announced!


1 | Steve Kane

Deer Season Contest Overall Winner: Steve Kane

Our favorite deer-hunting photo was also among the first submitted this year. Sent in by Steve Kane from British Columbia back in September, it shows a cool perspective from inside a ground blind. Congrats, Steve!

2 | Greg Wright

Waterfowl Contest Overall Winner: Greg Wright

New Mexico photographer Greg Wright sent in this picture of a banded snow goose toward the end of January, so it hasn't appeared in a photo essay yet. But we thought it was the best waterfowl submission we received.

3 | Brent Easley

Waterfowl Contest runner up: Brent Easley

Washington duck hunter Brent Easley's band collection.

4 | Dan Braun

Deer Season Contest runner-up: Dan Braun

Wisconsin bowhunter Dan Braun submitted this great "hero shot" back in December. Dan says his buck green-scored 192 7/8.

5 | Matt Sell

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Matt Sell

A Lab, a greenhead, and a Benelli -- how can you go wrong with that? Maryland duck hunter Matt Sell submitted this great shot in October.

6 | Connor Langevin

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Connor Langevin

Here's another Lab pic sure to please any waterfowl hunter. This shot was submitted by New York waterfowler Connor Langevin in January.

7 | Janell Davis

Deer Season Contest runner-up: Janell Davis

We received this great shot from Oregon mule deer hunter Janell Davis back in October.

8 | Jason Crusch

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Jason Crusch

Montana duck hunter Jason Crusch submitted this pic in January. Some of those decoys look very realistic!

9 | Justin Bankston

Deer Season Contest runner-up: Justin Bankston

We received a bunch of great trail-cam shots, but this one was our favorite. Submitted by Justin Bankston of Mississippi, this pic tells the beginning of a great story -- Bankston ended up shooting this great buck at the end of the season.

10 | Joe Perez

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Joe Perez

Illinois goose hunter Joe Pereze traded his shotgun for his camera and captured this action-packed goose hunting photo.

11 | Jack White

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Jack White

Montana hunter Jack White submitted this ghostly shot of a flock of working mallards. We thought it was pretty cool.

12 | Tim Whitney

Deer Season Contest runner-up: Tim Whitney

Montana photographer Tim Whitney submitted one of our favorite hero shots. This is Luke Whitney with his first buck, taken back in 1996.

13 | Josh Jones

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Josh Jones

Kentucky waterfowler Josh Jones sent in this great shot of a greenhead in flight.

14 | Seth Patterson

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Seth Patterson

What's better than a Lab? A Lab puppy, of course. Seth Patterson of Oregon submitted this photo of his pup asleep in the decoys.

15 | Nicholas Bowers

Waterfowl Contest runner-up: Nicholas Bowers

Here's another shot from a Montana hunter. This one was sent in by Nicholas Bowers. What could make it better? If these were all empty hulls in the bottom of the blind...