2010 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Winner!

DENVER, CO -- The Colorado Division of Wildlife named Delaware artist Richard Clifton winner of the 2010 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest. Clifton’s painting titled “Flying Pintails” soared above the competition as the best portrayal of the northern pintail--this year’s featured duck species.

“Richard’s depiction of the pintail is truly exceptional and lifelike,” said Kirk Davidson, Ducks Unlimited director of development and contest judge. “I know Colorado waterfowl hunters will be proud of this painting and I’m confident it will be equally appealing to art and stamp collectors.”

Each year, the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp program holds a contest for original artwork featured on the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp and art prints. The 2010 stamp and prints, available for purchase Aug. 1, will feature Clifton’s unique depiction of a pintail drake and hen touching down in a cattail marsh.

Clifton, a self-taught artist who chooses acrylics as his medium, topped a field of 43 wildlife artists in this year’s competition--the largest number of participants in the contest’s 20-year history.

“We want to congratulate Mr. Clifton for winning this year’s contest,” said Brian Sullivan, DOW wetlands coordinator. “We had a tremendous turnout and a record number of artists. We look forward to seeing his artwork on this year’s stamp.”

Clifton, who has won numerous state contests, also took top prize at the 1996 Australian Duck Stamp and 2007-08 Federal Duck Stamp competitions. In spite of his many achievements, Clifton said winning the Colorado contest was especially satisfying.

“I have won other state contests but this is my first in Colorado, which certainly makes this one special,” said Clifton.

The Colorado Waterfowl Stamp program is designed to protect wetland habitat for waterfowl and other wetland species. Since its inception in 1990, the program has raised $6.7 million to help preserve more than 19,500 acres of critical waterfowl habitat throughout Colorado.

All revenue generated from the sale of stamps and art prints funds wetlands projects. Participation among hunters and nonhunters alike is an effective way to contribute to the conservation of this precious resource.

Hunters age 16 or older are required to purchase a stamp to hunt waterfowl in Colorado. Hunters receive an electronic stamp, validating their license, but they may also request a traditional “gum-back” stamp, featuring the artist’s rendition, at the time of purchase. Gum-back stamps are mailed upon request, and a $2.50 fee is charged to cover stamp mailing and processing.

Waterfowl stamps and collector’s prints from previous years are available through the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation or by contacting Terrie DeLoria (tdeloria@cwhf.info).