Preparing for the Beginning of Another Archery Season

What Year Did You First Start Bowhunting?

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If you have held a bow these early summer days or will be holding one in the weeks ahead as bowhunting seasons open across America, you are not alone. Bowhunting is a popular American pastime with millions taking to the woods each fall. Hunters can pursue deer — the most hunted species in North America — or bear, elk, pronghorns and many species of small game. Those up for a challenge also hunt pheasants and other upland game with bow and arrow. Before you grab your bow and head afield, however, know the requirements — and be prepared.

New Hoyt Bows in Realtree

New Hoyt Bows

States have different laws and regulations pertaining to bowhunting and all hunting seasons. Make sure to check your states regulations before heading to the field. If you are interested in beginning a bowhunter course, more than two dozen states offer the course on line. Find full details here.

Bowhunting can be accomplished with the basic gear, such as bow and some arrows tipped with broadheads, but many archers want much more and are best known as gear junkies. Catalogs, such as the specialty archery catalog from Cabela’s, have many pages of gear including great products from Hoyt, Bear, QAD, Beman, Gold Tip, Trophy Ridge, Limbsaver and much more. For great information about archery gear, visit our bowhunting page. You have to be the best judge of what gear you need and what to buy. And remember to share with a hunting friend.

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, more than 5 million Americans hunted with bow and arrows in 2010. This was roughly the same as the number of people who went water skiing that year. That number has grown significantly since then.

While bowhunter numbers have fluctuated during recent years, the bright spot is that today more programs are introducing kids to archery. One such program with success is the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Trailblazer Adventure program. More details on courses and events can be found here.

All in all, American hunters are gearing up for yet another season full of hunting. Don't forget to follow along with as we bring you some of the most informative and captivating content on hunting and life as a bowhunter.

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