Free Tick Identification App for Deer Hunters

Do You Frequently Find Ticks After a Day in the Woods?

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Early identification and accurate information are vital in effectively responding to human and animal interaction with ticks, said experts in the entomology department at Texas A&M University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in College Station.

To help in that response, they have developed and introduced a free mobile resource named The Tick App.

"Ticks are blood-feeding parasites capable of causing irritation, inflammation and infection in animals and humans, as well as transmitting the pathogens that cause tick-borne diseases," said Dr. Pete Teel, Texas AgriLife Research professor and associate entomology department head. "We are frequently contacted for assistance from lay and professional audiences to identify ticks and answer questions about their biology, distribution and control, as well as the potential for acquiring a tick-borne disease."

The Tick App was developed as a resource that resides as an Internet website providing in-depth content on tick identification, biology, ecology, prevention and management, and was designed for primary delivery on smart phones such as BlackBerry, Droid, and iPhone using Internet browsers, Teel said. It also can be accessed by desktop or laptop computer, as well as other personal portable electronic devices.

The mobile app is available at

Editor's Note: This article was originally published July 29, 2011.

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