Maxx Outdoors Launches BANDED, Specializing in Tactical Waterfowl Hunting Gear

Maxx Outdoors is pleased to announce the inaugural launch of BANDED and the unveiling of its new website,, on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. 

BANDED is an entirely new brand specializing in tactical waterfowl hunting gear.  For 2012, BANDED will offer more than 600 waterfowl hunting gear items representing 19 diverse product categories.  Some of the product categories you can expect to see include outerwear, waders, boots, hunting accessories, blinds and calls.  BANDED’s website will provide the latest news, information, videos and much more that relates to its diverse line of products.

“The amount of work that has been done by our team in the last nine months is unbelievable,” Jim Hawk III, Banded president and CEO.  “With our diverse product offerings, there’s definitely something for everyone. We’re also extremely proud to partner up with Realtree and offer our products exclusively in their camo patterns.   

For 2012, BANDED will manufacture more than 400 waterfowl hunting gear items featuring Realtree Max-4 and AP patterns. 

BANDED products will be available at select outdoor retailers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on BANDED products or dealers, please visit


BANDED was formed by a group of avid outdoorsmen, innovators, and leading product designers who joined forces after decades of working in the outdoor industry.  The quest to produce superior products led BANDED around the globe in search of the finest materials and optimal engineering processes.  Through new-aged technology, extensive materials testing, and precise manufacturing, BANDED was born.  Ideas that were once drawn on the tailgate of a pick-up evolved into finished products.  The desire to create superior products to enhance the outdoor experience is the primary objective and the foundation of BANDED.

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Tyson Keller

Marketing/Media Relations