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Thompson Center Venture Compact

Realtree's Tony Hansen tests out the all new Thompson/Center Venture Compact at the 2013 SHOT Show. This rifle is, of course, a compact, 20-inch barrel version of T/C's highly popular Venture. It's available in short-action calibers ranging from .204 Ruger to .308, has an accuracy guarantee and should be available...

Pete Alfano Hunts A Buck Named Mufasa

Join Pete Alfano as he chases a once in a lifetime mega-giant named Mufasa in South-Central Kansas.

Timber 2 Table: How to Blood Trail Deer

Learning how to blood trail deer an essential skill for all hunters, but especially bowhunters. Some people just seem better at tracking than others, but we can all improve our skills with experience, and by following a few simple steps after every shot. In this episode of Timber 2 Table,...

Jason Cleveland vs. Missouri Longbeards

Let's join Jason Cleveland as he puts the slip on an old Missouri longbeard.

Timber To Table: How To Fillet A Fish editor Will Brantley shares a quick, easy process on how to fillet a fish . The first step is to start with a good, sharp knife. Keeping the fish on ice after you catch them will help firm up the meat and make the process a bit easier. The...

Timber To Table: Fried Backstrap

Who doesn't love fried venison backstrap ? In this installment of Timber To Table, editor Will Brantley shares one of his favorite fried backstrap recipes. The key to this recipe is tenderizing the meat and doing a quick marinade of worcesteshire sauce, minced garlic and seasonings. Then it's time...

Dan Perez "Busy"

Let's join whitetail hunting legend Dan Perez as he hunts down another giant on his Pike County, Illinois farm.

Waterfowl Tip: Hit More Geese

Want to hit more geese? After a successful morning of goose hunting in Montana , editor Will Brantley shares his No.1 tip for hitting more geese. Check it out now.

Waterfowl Tip: Hit More Ducks

Want to hit more ducks ? waterfowl contributor Joe Balog provides from great shotgun tips for hitting more ducks. Watch it now.

Waterfowl Tip: Late-Season Duck Calling

Want to improve your late-season duck calling? Want to learn the single best call to use on calm days? In this tip, waterfowl guru Joe Balog provides simple duck calling tips for wary, late-season ducks. On calm, sunny days duck calling can be a challenge.

Terry Rohm Hunts "Stickers"

Terry Rohm from Tinks takes his largest whitetail ever with his trusty Bear bow.

Waterfowl Tip: Jerk Rigs For Ducks waterfowl contributor Joe Balog shows you how to set jerk rigs for ducks. Jerk rigs can help add motion to a decoy spread on those calm, flat days. With a little planning and a few of these tips, you'll soon be setting your own jerk rigs for ducks .

Timber To Table: How To Cape Your Deer

Learn how to cape your deer quickly and easily in this installment of Realtree's Timber To Table. If you're looking to get your buck mounted, knowing how to cape your deer is important.If you're travelling and need to save space in the truck or are on a backcountry hunt and...

Gabe Adair Main Event

Lets join land specialist Gabe Adair as he continues to chase after the buck of his dreams, the Main Event. Can Gabe get the job done this year?

Jason Cleveland B-Side

Let's watch as Jason Cleveland takes down his target buck "B-Side" in Pike County, Missouri.

Waterfowl Tip: Feeder Decoy Placement

Duck decoy setups should be as realistic as possible. In this tip, waterfowl contributor Joe Balog shares his tips for proper placement of feeder decoys

Timber To Table: Venison Burger Done Right

Making venison burger isn't hard. In this edition of Realtree's Timber To Table, Will and Michelle Brantley put a Weston Realtree Outfitters grinder to work while making their own deer burger

Chevy Unveils Realtree Silverado Concept

Chevy Unveils the Realtree Silverado Concept truck

Timber To Table: Venison Processing Tips for Deboning A Deer Ham

In this edition of Realtree's Timber To Table, Will and Michelle Brantley show you how to debone a deer ham as the first step in processing your own venison.

Pete Alfano Big 12

Join Pete Alfano as he hunts his Pike County, Illinois farm for a giant he calls the Big 12.