3 Kinds of Buffalo You Should Hunt

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Are You a Buffalo Hunter?

Cape Buffalo

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1 | Cape Buffalo

These animals are often found deep in the wilderness. However, they are very good swimmers and can be found thriving in a variety of habitats. In essence, they’re extremely adaptable creatures.

As most buffalo species, this is a herd animal. It isn’t uncommon to see hundreds of these animals congregating in the same area. However, older bulls do seem to venture off on their own once they reach a certain age.

This is one tough critter. It’s commonly reported that this species kills more hunters in Africa than any other animal. You’d think a predator would carry that title. But apparently that isn’t the case. The Cape buffalo has a bad attitude and isn’t afraid to back up the talk. So much in fact that they’ve even been known to kill lions.

No bull when it comes to the buffalo. They mean business. And this would be one very rewarding hunt for those willing to take on the challenges that come with it.

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Water Buffalo

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2 | Water Buffalo

The water buffalo, also known as the Asian buffalo, can be found in Australia, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. This big critter weighs in at around 1,500 to 2,500 pounds and have horns as long as 5 to 6 feet. That’s pretty big. Furthermore, they can live up to 20 to 25 years, too.

This species also is a herd animal. As the name suggests, they tend to hang around water more than the cape buffalo does. They spend much of their time in marshes and wetlands where they feed on nutrient-rich vegetation.

While they aren’t as aggressive as the cape buffalo, you still have to keep an eye on them. Interestingly, a domesticated relative of the water buffalo is commonly used for agricultural purposes on some continents.

While it isn’t cheap, and options are limited, there are opportunities available to hunt this animal. The number of wild water buffalo are dropping rapidly. So conservation efforts are needed to help them recover.

Photo credit: KC Bangkaew

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American Bison (Buffalo)

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3 | American Bison (Buffalo)

The American Bison, also referred to as the buffalo, is another animal to consider. While it isn’t cheap or easy to go on a hunt, there are options available for this species, too. Do your homework and research different hunts that are available to the public.

Bison are primarily a plains game, but can be found in woodland settings and areas with an abundance of edge habitat. They eat vegetation including leafy plants and grasses. Life expectancy is generally around 20 years.

Bison can weigh up to 2,000 to 2,200 pounds. And every bit of that weight is put into charging those who aggravate them or get too close. There’s no escape when they can reach top speeds of 30 to 35 mph. The best way to prevent that from happening? Stay hidden and make a great shot when the time comes.

Photo credit: Shutterstock / David Osborn

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Big game hunting is a serious passion for many. The adventure involved, lands visited and meat for the table are all reasons to partake. And when it comes to big game, there aren’t many hunts that put you up against bigger and meaner game than a buffalo. If you’re a big-game enthusiast, here are three kinds of buffalo you need to hunt before you die.