Pronghorn Antelope Hunting in New Mexico


Have You Ever Hunted Pronghorn?

Entering New Mexico

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1 | Entering New Mexico

We stayed in Raton, New Mexico. We hunted near the town of Springer. We went afield with Backcountry Outfitter based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

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Dialing In

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2 | Dialing In

Always check your weapon before the hunt. Check your zero on scoped rifles. We did the same and went to the NRA Center to do so. It’s a great place.

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Think Water

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3 | Think Water

On the first day, we set up on a water trough. I was self-filming for our TV shows — Rush Outdoors and World of Rush Outdoors.

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Bad Fortune

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4 | Bad Fortune

We saw a few bucks early on. But the shooters eluded us. Then, storms blew in and pretty much shut us down for the rest of the day.

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A Happy Ending

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5 | A Happy Ending

The next day offered perfect weather. That afternoon, the CVA Apex found its mark. The trip was a great success and ended up being a solid hunt.

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New Mexico is a hunt you don’t want to miss if ever given the chance. It’s a fun hunt for a great animal in some very beautiful country. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel there and pursue the magnificent speed goat. Here are a few snapshots from our successful hunt.