The 4 World Record Sheep by Subspecies

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Can You Name All of These Records?

World’s Record Bighorn Sheep

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1 | World’s Record Bighorn Sheep

Hunter: Picked Up

Location Found: Lake County, Montana

Date Found: 2016

Score: 216 3/8 Inches

This world-record ram was found on public land in Montana less than two years ago. It truly is a success story for wildlife and wildlife conservation. The fact that such an impressive animal lived and did so in a time when man has dominated the landscape is truly something. It goes to show that conservation efforts do in fact work. And the preservation of wild animals and wild places is in fact worth the time and money invested in it.

As with all records, the measurements on this ram are incredible. The circumference of the right base is 16 3/8 inches and the left side is 16 4/8 inches. The greatest spread is 25 4/8 inches and the tip-to-tip spread is 25 1/8 inches. The other measurements are just as impressive. This sheep is a true wonder of the world.

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Photo credit: Boone and Crockett Club

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World’s Record Desert Sheep

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2 | World’s Record Desert Sheep

Hunter: Native American

Location Killed: Lower California, Mexico

Date Killed: 1940

Score: 205 1/8 Inches

This ram might have been taken nearly 80 years ago. But it's still impressive today. Taken by an unnamed Native American, this ram sure made someone happy. Now the mount is owned by the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society.

This ram boasts impressive measurements. It’s right-side length of horn is 43 5/8 inches and the left side is 43 6/8 inches. It has 16 6/8-inch (right) and 17-inch (left) base circumferences. Both the greatest spread and the tip-to-tip spread are 25 5/8 inches, too. Truly something.

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Photo credit: Boone and Crockett Club

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World’s Record Dall’s Sheep

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3 | World’s Record Dall’s Sheep

Hunter: Harry L. Swank, Jr.

Location Killed: Wrangell Mountains, Alaska

Date Killed: 1961

Score: 189 6/8 Inches

Those who love the snow-white Dall’s sheep will love this ram. It’s the largest one ever known to walk the earth. Taken in 1960, it’s held its own for nearly 60 years. Holding the record for that long is something in and of itself.

It’s measurements are, well, record-like as well. The right-side length of horn is 48 5/8 inches and the left side is 47 7/8 inches. It has 14 5/8-inch (right) and 14 6/8-inch (left) bases. It also has a 34 3/8-inch greatest and tip-to-tip spread. That’s one big Dall’s sheep.

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Photo credit: Boone and Crockett Club

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World’s Record Stone’s Sheep

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4 | World’s Record Stone’s Sheep

Hunter: L.S. Chadwick

Location Killed: Muskwa River, British Columbia

Date Killed: 1936

Score: 196 6/8 Inches

This is the longest-running record of all the sheep subspecies. It was taken in 1936 — almost 82 years ago. Now owned by Boone and Crockett National Collection, it’s on display for the world to see.

This ram has a right-side length of horn of 50 1/8 inches and a left side of 51 5/8 inches. The right- and left-side base circumference of 14 6/8 inches. Both the greatest and tip-to-tip spread is 31 inches. A magnificent animal to say the least.

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Photo credit: Boone and Crockett Club

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Sheep hunting is an endeavor that tests the physical and mental resolve of a hunter. It’s something few get the opportunity to do. And even fewer are able to do it successfully. But some are. And these four rams were taken (or found) by hunters who found themselves in a once-in-1,000-lifetimes situation. Here are the four world record sheep by subspecies.

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