The World Record Bison, Pronghorn, Muskox and Goats


Can You Name Each Record Without Looking?

World Record Pronghorn

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1 | World Record Pronghorn

The fastest land-based mammal in North America. The speed goat. There’s actually a tie for the largest of its kind. Both score 95 inches. Both come from Arizona. And both are nearly 20-year-old records. Check out the stats below.

Meyer Buck

Score: 95 inches

Location: Mohave County, Arizona

Hunter: David Meyer

Date: 2002

Key Measurements: 17 2/8-inch horn lengths, 7 2/8-inch horn circumferences, 10 1/8-inch inside spread

Woods Buck

Score: 95 inches

Location: Coconino County, Arizona

Hunter: Woods

Date: 2000

Key Measurements: 19 3/8- and 18 5/8-inch horn lengths, 7- and 7 2/8-inch horn circumferences, 11 7/8-inch inside spread

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Photo Credit: Boone and Crockett

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World Record Bison

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2 | World Record Bison

Bison. They’re perhaps the most iconic big game animal of the West. Once a major food source for Americans, and still a treasured species, many hunters head afield each year to hunt this storied animal. And the largest one ever taken was a bona fide giant.

Woodring Bull

Score: 136 4/8 inches

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Hunter: Sam T. Woodring

Date: 1925

Key Measurements: 21 2/8- and 23 2/8-inch horn lengths, 15- and 16-inch horn bases, 35 3/8-inch greatest spread

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Photo Credit: Boone and Crockett

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World Record Rocky Mountain Goat

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3 | World Record Rocky Mountain Goat

Big mountain goats — they might look clumsy and unbalanced — but they’re the rock-climbing athletes of the natural world. And balance is they’re thing. They live and thrive in areas where no large mammal should be able to. They do it with ease.

Sheldon Goat

Score: 57 4/8 inches

Location: Stikine River, British Columbia

Hunter: Troy M. Sheldon

Date: 2011

Key Measurements: 11 3/8-inch horn lengths, 6 4/8- and 6 5/8-inch base circumferences, 7 1/8-inch greatest spread

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Photo Credit: Boone and Crockett

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World Record Muskox

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4 | World Record Muskox

These are some of the most impressive animals in the arctic. Big. Hairy. Hardy. Those are the three words that describe them the most. And there are two animals tied for the top spot. Both were taken in the 2000s.

Well Muskox

Score: 129 inches

Location: Norman Wells, Northwest Territories

Hunter: Craig Scott

Date: 2002

Key Measurements: 28 3/8- and 29 5/8-inch horn lengths, 11-inch boss width, 27 1/8-inch tip-to-tip spread

Shockey Muskox

Score: 129 inches

Location: Coppermine River, Nunavut

Hunter: Jim Shockey

Date: 2006

Key Measurements: 28 1/8- and 28 6/8-inch horn lengths, 11 3/8- and 12 1/8-inch boss widths, 30 4/8-inch tip-to-tip spread

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Photo Credit: Boone and Crockett

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Hunting is primarily about conservation, wildlife management and food. But it’s also fun. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t like shooting big stuff from time to time. There’s a reason everyone is infatuated with record-book animals.

Thanks to Boone and Crockett’s detailed records, here we highlight the world record bison, pronghorn and goats. These are the most impressive of their kind — true wonders of the world.