The World Record Goats, Bison and Muskox

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Can You Name All of These Records?

World Record Muskox (Tie)

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1 | World Record Muskox (Tie)

Hunter: Craig D. Scott

Location Killed: Norman Wells, NT

Date Killed: 2002

Score: 129 Inches

Taken in 2002, Craig Scott brought down the largest muskox the world had ever seen. Taken in Norman Wells, NT, the bull was a sight. It was the greatest of its species.

This animal had extraordinary horn length, with 29 5/8 inches on the right and 28 3/8 inches on the left. It has 11-inch widths on both sides and has a tip-to-tip spread of 27 1/8 inches. Impressive, to say the least.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boone and Crockett Club

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World Record Muskox (Tie)

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2 | World Record Muskox (Tie)

Hunter: Jim Shockey

Location Killed: Coppermine River, NU

Date Killed: 2006

Score: 129 Inches

Four years later, Jim Shockey (you’ve likely heard of him) took a muskox in Coppermine River, NU, that tied Scott’s record at 129 inches. That number still hasn’t been beaten (only tied). And the famous Jim Shockey’s bull is still the closest one to come to doing so.

This world record (tie) sports 28 1/8-inch (right) and 28 6/8-inch (left) lengths. It also has 12 1/8-inch (right) and 11 3/8-inch (left) widths. It even boasts a whopping 30 4/8-inch tip-to-tip spread.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boone and Crockett Club

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World Record Bison

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3 | World Record Bison

Hunter: Sam T. Woodring

Location Killed: Wyoming

Date Killed: 1925

Score: 136 4/8 Inches

Everyone likes a big bison. The size. The weight. Everything about a bison is impressive. And the current world record (taken in 1925) has held onto that title for more than 90 years.

This bull had 21 2/8-inch (right) and 23 2/8-inch (left) lengths. The right circumference is 16 inches and the left side is 15. Its greatest spread is 35 3/8 inches and the tip-to-tip spread is 27.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boone and Crockett Club

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World Record Mountain Goat

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4 | World Record Mountain Goat

Hunter: Troy M. Sheldon

Location Killed: Stikine River, BC

Date Killed: 2011

Score: 57 4/8 Inches

Mountain goats have been hunted by many. But few have seen one as big as this. And only one hunter has taken such a beast. Troy M. Sheldon killed the current world record in 2011 in Stikine River, BC.

This is the GOAT of goats. Its length of horns is 11 3/8 inches on both sides. The right and left bases are 6 4/8 inches and 6 5/8 inches, respectively. The greatest spread is 7 1/8 inches and the tip-to-tip spread is 6 6/8 inches.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boone and Crockett Club

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World Record Pronghorn

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5 | World Record Pronghorn

Hunter: Mike Gallo

Location Killed: Socorro County, NM

Date Killed: 2013

Score: 96 4/8 Inches

Speed goats. These insanely fast critters are known for their speed. But the Gallo goat is known for its size. Taken in 2013, coming in at 96 4/8 inches, it’s the current world record pronghorn. A massive animal.

Simply put, this is a big goat. It has everything you could ever want in a trophy pronghorn and then some. It has everything from mass to length and everything in-between. Seriously, this is as big as they come (so far). Who knows when the next record-breaking goat will be taken.

Until then . . .

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Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boone and Crockett Club

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Hunting isn’t about records. Far from it. But when a magnificent animal comes along, especially the largest of its kind ever seen, it’d be foolish not to make note of it. All animals deserve the respect of hunters. But world records demand a little more press. And we’re here to do just that with some of North America’s largest ever horned game.

Editor's Note: Only animals entered into Boone and Crockett's records database were considered for this article.