Couple Finds Huge Elk Shed After Some Bad Luck

Pilot Rock, OR Couple finds huge elk shed after truck gets stuck
East Oregonian

PILOT ROCK, OR -- Getting stuck in the mountains turned into one of the best days of Chris Harer’s life.

In early May, the 25-year-old Pilot Rock hunter stumbled upon a “forbidden secret” location. Rallying his pickup truck near the North Fork of John Day, Harer lodged his 1981 Toyota up to its jacked-up body in mud with an hour left of daylight and no cell phone service available.

“I was freaking out,” said his girlfriend Cara Angell. “Our only way out was to climb the mountain for cell service, or we were spending the night with bears and cougars in a freezing thunder storm.”

Panicked, Angell tried to save daylight by taking a shortcut with Harer up the mountain. What happened next was nothing short of fate.

As the couple crawled through 6-foot tall buckbrush off the beaten path, Harer noticed what he assumed was a large buck carcass. Upon realizing what he found -- a pair of six-point, roughly 360-inch bull elk sheds with 22-inch sabres -- his only words for 10 straight minutes were “holy (expletive)!”

“It’s almost like finding gold at the end of a rainbow,” said Craig Angell of Athena, who green scored the antlers at 355 inches. “He’s the luckiest hunter in Pilot Rock this year.”
Harer lugged the trophies, which weigh 10.2 pounds apiece, about 300 yards up a hill to where Cara called her stepfather in Ukiah for help. Their ride arrived as night fell.

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