Tennessee Elk Permit to be auctioned on E-bay by TWRF

Nashville, TN -- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency recently announced the issuance of 5 Special Elk Take Permits for the upcoming 2011 hunting season. Four of the special permits were issued through the TWRA quota hunt drawing system. These permits were awarded to Richard Rutherford of Walland, Terrell Holt of Columbia, John Alston of Knoxville, and Jody Moore of Loudon.

The remaining special elk take permit was awarded to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization through the state's Request For Proposals (RFP) process. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, Inc. (TWRF) was selected as the recipient of this year's NPO tag. The TWRF will auction off the tag to the highest bidder through an e-bay auction Thursday, July 14 to Saturday, July 23, 2011. The proceeds from the sale of this special elk tag will go to benefit the elk restoration program. TWRF is partnering with Bill Swan, an experienced e-bay seller and active member of the Chattanooga Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI), on the promotion and sale of this Elk Tag.

The elk hunt will take place at the North Cumberland WMA in East Tennessee from Monday, October 17th to Friday, October 21st of 2011. This will be the third year for the Tennessee elk hunt, and the successful bidder has very good odds for killing a mature bull elk. More information concerning the hunt will be listed in the e-bay auction. Search "Tennessee Elk Permit" on e-bay to find the listing after July 10th.

The North Cumberland WMA will be sub-divided into five (5) Elk Hunting Zones (EHZ). Each hunter will be designated an EHZ through a handheld drawing conducted at a TWRA Region IV location (location, dates and times TBA). The purchaser of this elk permit will be required to purchase an elk license before participating in the hunt. The resident elk license (Type 256) is $27.00, and a non-resident elk license (Type 257) is $300.00. Sportsman and Lifetime license holders are exempt from having to purchase the elk license. All other licenses and permits to hunt big game in Tennessee are required.

TWRF is proud to be a part of this success story, where an animal reintroduction has been successful enough to allow for management through hunting. We look forward to many more successful hunts in years to come.

For additional information about the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, go to www.twrf.net. TWRF is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting habitat conservation, responsible land stewardship, and Tennessee's hunting and fishing heritage for the benefit of Tennessee's wildlife and it's outdoor enthusiasts.