How to Process and Age Wild Hog Meat


Southern Boyz Outdoors' Kinion Bankston is one of the most prolific hunters in the South. A big part of his hunting plans each year involves wild hogs. A massive conservation, habitat and economic problem for the region, extensive trapping of this invasive species is needed to help keep their numbers in check.

Bankston is doing his part by intensively trapping these nuisance animals. He uses a live trap in conjunction with a remote-trigger gate and wireless cellular cameras as his primary setup. Then, once the hogs are trapped, he moves in to dispatch them.

But it doesn't end there. Bankston is a big advocate for processing and eating wild hog meat. He loves the taste and it's full of great, nutritious protein that you and your family can benefit from. It just takes a little more effort than your typical store-bought pork.

Here are the correct meat-prep steps for makin' bacon (in the video above).

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