Realtree 365 Now Featuring Monster Bulls


Monster Bulls is longtime favorite among big game hunters. (Realtree photo)

Nothing fires up the Realtree crew like pointing the truck westward for elk season, and that excitement comes through bigtime on Monster Bulls – now available for free on the downloadable Realtree 365 app or at Watch unreal footage of huge elk in a frenzy of fall action. Monster Bulls features hunts with Realtree's own Bill Jordan, Tyler Jordan and David Blanton, as well as Bone Collectors Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and others. You’ll see plenty of bow, muzzleloader and rifle action for giant elk, plus bonus moose hunts.

To watch, simply download the Realtree 365 app to your smartphone or tablet and sign up for free. Then you can stream all of the original Realtree Digital content available there on your device or to your television through Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV, and Amazon FireTV. Viewers can also choose to watch on their computers at

At Realtree 365, you’ll find other shows currently available: Monster Bucks, Midwest Whitetail, Chasing November, Timber 2 Table, Pay Dirt, Realtree Stories, and more. Much more original content is coming soon, including deer, duck and land management shows.

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