Big Game Hunting Videos


Moose Video: Crazy Moose Encounter

I’ve never went moose hunting. But I hear they can be formidable critters if you get them riled up. In this YouTube video by Bonne Chasse , Jason Morneau Tremblay attempts to scare a bull moose, or something. What do you think of the video? Was it unethical that the...

Elk Calls: Duel Game Calls 17-Inch Compact Bugle Tube

Duel Game Calls is a major player in the big-game calling market. One of its newest products is the 17-inch Compact Bugle Tube. It's great for chasing those rutting bull elk in the backcountry and it comes in Realtree MAX-1 XT camo. Learn more about it in the video above...

15-Yard Files: Spot-and-Stalk Bowhunt for Giant Color-Phase Bear

In this episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally and Bob are after a giant cinnamon color-phase black bear in southern Colorado. But this isn't your standard bowhunt for bears over bait. Instead, this bear is eating acorns, and the guys are playing the wind and using the terrain to hide...

15-Yard Files: Rut-Crazed Bull Bugles 18 Times on Camera

We counted 18 bugles, on camera. Plus maybe a grunt or two. Regardless of the exact number, there's no doubt bowhunter Ronnie Hall's nerves are being tested as this giant Colorado bull works his way into bow range. It's a down-and-dirty elk-calling sequence you won't want to miss. Check out...

15-Yard Files: Close-In Calling Secrets That Work on Giant Elk

Remember old-school hunting videos? The kind where you weren't beaten over the head with commericals? The kind that focused more on the hunting and less on the music and crazy camera angles? That's what Realtree's 15-Yard Files is all about. It's old-school hunting video on a modern web-exclusive platform showcasing...

Out West: Tips for Glassing Big Game

Want to see more game? Learn how to look for them using your optics. Kristy Titus shares her tips for glassing in this video, including advice on choosing a good glassing location and techniques for actually finding game with your binocular and spotting scope.

Out West: How To Call Elk

Kristy Titus shares some of her tips for calling elk in this installment of Out West With Kristy Titus. When calling elk, you should learn to make more than just a standard bull bugle, especially when hunting in areas with heavy hunting pressure.

Out West: GPS Tips For Back Country Hunting

Kristy Titus shares tips for getting the most out of your GPS for back country hunting. Making sure you have the correct map datum for your GPS is a critical piece of the GPS puzzle. And knowing how and when to use the proper icons for waypoints as well as...

Out West: RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt

Kristy Titus shares a special hunt with a young hunter during a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation spring turkey hunt.

Troy and Jacob Talk Camo

Troy and Jacob Landry are talking camo in the CCI booth at the 2013 SHOT Show when a certain celebrity shotgunner makes a cameo appearance.

Realtree at ATA: Hoyt Charger Review

The 2013 Hoyt Charger is a budget-priced bow that performs like a higher-priced bow.

Out West With Kristy Titus: Extended Stay Packs

Kristy Titus is on an extended mountain goat outing in the backcountry. While there, she learns about the best options and features to look for in a hunting pack for extended stays in the wild.

Out West With Kristy Titus: Learn the Limitations of Your Rifle and Cartridge

Understanding the limitations of your shooting skills and your rifle, as well as of the ballistics of the cartridge you're shooting, is critical to becomeing a better long-range marksman (or markswoman). Kristy Titus is joined by some expert marksmen to offer tips on how you can learn the limitations of...

Out West: Trailcams and Bait For Elk

In the latest installment of Out West With Kristy Titus, Kristy shares some tips on using mineral and bait stations along with trail cameras to scout and hunt early season elk. The first step in selecting a location is finding an area with multiple features to attract elk. Then clear...

Out West: Kristy Titus On Bullet Selection

Kristy Titus explains ballistic coefficient and shares her bullet selection tips in an informational video. Choosing the right bullet for your Western big game hunt can be a daunting task. Kristy shares some of the basic information you'll need to make the task easier. Bullet selection requires that you consider...

Out West: Meet Kristy Titus

Out West With Kristy Titus is a brand-new video blog featuring Western big game hunter Kristy Titus. Kristy started hunting at a young age and spent her childhood in the mountains of Idaho and Oregon with her family. Kristy is an experienced backcountry hunter specializing in DIY, solo hunts for...

Drawing Western tags

Dan Johnson sheds some light on the draw system

Foxworthy hunts Dall sheep

"Realtree Outdoors" revisits Foxworthy's Dall sheep hunt in the Northwest Territories.

When hunts go wrong

What really happens when hunts go wrong?

David Blanton talks ground blinds

David Blanton shares his tips on how to get the most out of a ground blind.