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To Flush or Not to Flush

The idea of flushing fall turkey flocks to gain a tactical advantage isbased on the notion you want to call your turkey to your setup afterthose birds have been scattered. But yeah, if you’ve patterned or happened into fall turkeys—and a birdis in range, and you want it—sure, take the...

Wisconsin Extends Fall Turkey Hunts

The 2009 Fall turkey hunting season will run from September 12 - November 19. The proposal to add an extended fall season for Zones 1-5 has been approved. The 2009 Fall turkey EXTENDED hunting season for Zones 1-5 ONLY will run from November 30 - December 31. To hunt wild...

Tri-State Wild Turkey Study

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will be completing the fourth and final year of a tri-state study examining the spring harvest rates and annual survival rates of wild turkeys. Joining Pennsylvania in this research effort are New York and Ohio, as well as the generous support of the National Wild Turkey...

New Hampshire Turkey Brood Survey

Brood survey results from New Hampshire are in. Ted Walski, the longtime Turkey Project Leader for the N.H. Fish & Game Dept., reports that some turkey breeding behavior was noted as early as mid March in this northern region of the country. This made for some early brood sightings. As...

Calling All Gobblers

Tired of making kee-kees and kee-kee-runs for turkeys of the year? Pecking order, and the desire of gobblers to hold their rank within it, is alive and well in autumn. Just as you’ve seen certain longbeards take on a jake or tom decoy in spring, the same fighting urge holds...

Toughest Turkey States

You’re at turkey camp; fall or spring, no matter. It’s afternoon—some guys are napping, but the rest of you are shooting the breeze. The subject of the country’s toughest turkeys comes up. What states are on your list? Here are three of mine: Alabama: Half a million wild turkeys, and...

DEC Announces First Wild Turkey Season on Long Island

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) todayannounced the dates for the first Long Island wild turkey hunting season. The opening ofthis season is a direct result of over a decade of wild turkey reintroduction efforts by theDepartment. The season will be limited to a five-day fall hunting...

Special-Opportunity Florida Spring Turkey Hunts

Applications are being accepted for special-opportunity spring turkey hunts. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will begin accepting 2010 special-opportunity spring turkey hunt applications at 10 a.m. (EDT) September 8. The deadline for submitting applications is midnight (EDT) October 13. Applications may be submitted at , county...

Seven-Year-Old Completes Turkey Grand Slam

At age seven, Adriana Armstrong may be the youngest girl to harvest the grand slam of turkeys. Her older sister, 11-year old Alli, also scored a grand slam in the spring of 2009. Although many hunters strive to achieve this coveted milestone, the two Illinois siblings are believed to be...

Best Shotgun Range?

It’s the inevitable supper table debate that takes place in almost every turkey camp I’ve ever visited, spring or fall: What’s the best shotgun range for dropping a spring gobbler or autumn turkey? My answer: 20-35 yards. Shots taken at under 20 steps, the payload stays baseball-tight, and misses are...

Three Kinds of Fall Gobblers

Whether you do it from a treestand with a turkey permit in your wallet while also hunting archery whitetails, or chase flocks in autumn season mode, you’ll encounter three kinds of male turkeys in the fall. 1. Fall Jakes Born roughly 5-8 months before — as fall seasons vary across...

The Other Turkey Season

That summertime honey-do list is finished (well most of it!). Time to start scouting for fall. Are you a "beards in the spring; antlers in the fall" guy? Here are some reasons you should turkey hunt this autumn . .