• Brow Tines and Backstrap

    Whitetails make the hunting world go round. Josh Honeycutt, deer hunting editor and "Brow Tines and Backstrap" blogger, knows a fair bit about killing mature deer. He was raised up hunting the river bottoms of Kentucky. And he still hunts there—among other places—to this day.

    Follow along as he shares his adventures, experiences and knowledge of the white-tailed deer.

  • Guns and Camo

    Guns and Camo. From the basic to the advanced, we will cover the world of firearms (and maybe the occasional slingshot and air rifle) in a manner that puts hunting and in-the-field practicality first. Editorial in the name of powder, steel, and ammo. Heck yeah.

  • The Duck Blog

    Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin. He's been a writer and editor in the outdoors industry since 1991.

  • The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

    Stephanie Mallory is a mom, a hunter and Realtree’s PR Coordinator. She’s here to deliver an insider’s look at the outdoor business and give her opinion on all things outdoors—whether you asked for it or not.

  • Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

    There’s work to do after the trigger is pulled, but the cleaning and the cooking can be fun as the hunt itself. Timber 2 Table is where Realtree’s experts will teach you to skin a squirrel in 1 minute, cape a buck for the wall, grill a delectable wild turkey popper and so much more.

  • Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

    Steve Hickoff is's editorial director and turkey hunting editor. He’s been beaten by more birds than he can remember. Still he kills enough to eat well, and fool with beards, spurs and fans until the next season. Pennsylvania born and raised, Maine is his home base now. A full-time outdoor communicator with a couple university writing degrees, he chases spring gobblers and fall flocks around the country.


Lodge Skillet Dutch Baby Pancakes Recipe

Dutch Baby pancakes are a favorite breakfast around our house, and there is no better cooking vessel for one than a Lodge cast-iron skillet. If you’ve never had Dutch Baby, you are probably wondering what they are. Probably the best way to describe A Dutch Baby is to call it...

8 Reasons Your Spouse Hates Deer Hunting

Deer hunting. Some people love it. Other people, well, not so much. But oftentimes those who don’t haven’t been properly introduced. And in the case of spouses not taking to it, it’s generally because their better half did a poor job of warming them up to it. Here are eight...

Phillip Culpepper Self-Films a Late-Season Georgia Deer Hunt

Phillip Culpepper is a diehard deer and turkey hunter. If there's a season open, he's out there shooting critters or filming someone else do it. Here he hunts on his lease in Harris County, Georgia. He used his Spartan trail camera to help get a pattern on this nice southern...

World Record Typical Whitetail: Milo Hanson Tells His Story

Buck: The Hanson Buck Score: 213 5/8 Inches Date: 1993 Hunter: Milo N. Hanson Place: Saskatchewan This is the No. 1 typical whitetail of all-time. The Hanson buck. It’s legend to all those who spend time thinking about giant whitetails. And if you’ve never heard of this deer, you’ve got...

15 Places Big Bucks Bed That Deer Hunters Should Hunt

Deer hunting is about three things: Food . Water . And cover . It’s that simple. Yet it’s so difficult to get up close to and kill deer — especially mature deer. It’s even tougher to do it on a consistent basis. Why is that? Oftentimes, it’s because hunters pay...

20 Realtree Pro Staffers with Their First Deer

Realtree is proud of the fact that they have the best pro staff in the industry. The men and women who represent Realtree camo are second to none and not only represent the brand but also live and love the hunting heritage. They’re real. They’re genuine. And they’re just like...

18 Tips for Stalking Deer with a Bow

Stalking deer is a serious business. Slipping up on an animal that can smell you from 400 yards, see you from 3/4 of a mile and hear the slightest snap of a twig is tricky business. It takes real skill to accomplish this sort of thing. And that’s why we’re...

The X: Kansas Waterfowl: Swarms of Ducks

Want swarms of ducks ? Clouds of geese? Check out Fowled Reality's recent hunt in Kansas. Trust me, you'll want to watch it again. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

5 Tough Shots You'll Take While Turkey Hunting

Tough shots come your way while turkey hunting. You're sometimes seated at the base of a broad-trunked tree, anticipating where the gobbler will slip into view. Trouble is, wary spring turkeys have other plans. Whether you're on your butt, sitting in the woods, or in a blind, watching a field,...

Watch Rattlesnakes "Battle Dance"

David Smith was enjoying a warm day on the Pinellas Trail near Innisbrook Golf Club in Tampa, Florida, when he stumbled upon a remarkable site -- two male diamondback rattlers battling it out for dominance. Smith, who just posted the video on YouTube, said he filmed the scene in late...

These 10 Things Can Ruin Your Turkey Hunt

And you thought your morning would be a slam dunk. Think again. 1. Trespassers As far as you know, you’re the only hunter with permission on the property. The landowner told you so. Nothing is sweeter, right? But when two guys appear at the field edge, you know better. Slowly...

5 Tips to Plan Your 2019 Spring Turkey Hunts

What you do now – especially the questions you ask – can help make next season's gobbler-chasing campaign successful. 1. Permit and Lottery Hunt Deadlines? Such details can easily be forgotten during your busy days deer and duck hunting. Spring's hunts are far from your mind but shouldn't be. Check...