• Brow Tines and Backstrap

    Whitetails make the hunting world go round. Josh Honeycutt, deer hunting editor and "Brow Tines and Backstrap" blogger, knows a fair bit about killing mature deer. He was raised up hunting the river bottoms of Kentucky. And he still hunts there—among other places—to this day.

    Follow along as he shares his adventures, experiences and knowledge of the white-tailed deer.

  • Guns and Camo

    Guns and Camo. From the basic to the advanced, we will cover the world of firearms (and maybe the occasional slingshot and air rifle) in a manner that puts hunting and in-the-field practicality first. Editorial in the name of powder, steel, and ammo. Heck yeah.

  • The Duck Blog

    Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin. He's been a writer and editor in the outdoors industry since 1991.

  • The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

    Stephanie Mallory is a mom, a hunter and Realtree’s PR Coordinator. She’s here to deliver an insider’s look at the outdoor business and give her opinion on all things outdoors—whether you asked for it or not.

  • Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

    There’s work to do after the trigger is pulled, but the cleaning and the cooking can be fun as the hunt itself. Timber 2 Table is where Realtree’s experts will teach you to skin a squirrel in 1 minute, cape a buck for the wall, grill a delectable wild turkey popper and so much more.

  • Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

    Steve Hickoff is's editorial director and turkey hunting editor. He’s been beaten by more birds than he can remember. Still he kills enough to eat well, and fool with beards, spurs and fans until the next season. Pennsylvania born and raised, Maine is his home base now. A full-time outdoor communicator with a couple university writing degrees, he chases spring gobblers and fall flocks around the country.


3 (More) Duck Hunting Shots That Will Fool You

You might remember a Nov. 17, 2017 blog in which I discussed six “sneakers” — waterfowling shots that can trick you into a three-gun salute that punches holes in the air around birds. Admittedly, some days, I can turn any shot into an adventure. However, some shot opportunities consistently prove...

Crispy Bourbon Fried Wild Turkey Recipe

Even though its far from an authentic Chinese dish, I enjoy the Bourbon Chicken at most Chinese restaurants. The combination of crispy fried chicken, sweet bourbon sauce and the kick of heat from chili flakes is just good eats. We recreate the recipe at home using wild turkey breast. We...

Duck Hunters: Are You Waking Up Too Early?

The question arises most days from September through January: When do I need to get to my spot? More important, how early do I have to get up? Here are some quick thoughts on timing your waterfowling arrival and setup schedule. Usually, Get Up Early In general, this rule holds...

Monster Bucks: Blanton Tags Giant Drop-Tine Buck

Watch this flashback of Realtree's David Blanton on a South Texas hunt from the early 2000s. Bone Collector's Nick Mundt is behind the camera when Blanton pulls the trigger on a giant drop-tine buck. Originally airing on Monster Bucks XI, this is one of the best muzzleloader hunts the Realtree...

Bill Jordan Falls for Poaching Prank

Any good hunting camp should have its share of pranks. In this episode of the Realtree Outpost Podcast, Bill and Tyler recall a poaching prank that Tyler was able to pull off with the help of a few Realtree producers. There's footage of Bill's reaction. The full episode also talks...

Father Fights Off Mountain Lion Attacking His Young Son

I bet you'd do anything to protect your child, even if it meant fighting off a dangerous predator. On Monday, a dad took on a mountain lion as it attacked his 4-year-old son, most likely saving his life. The attack occurred during a hike in San Diego's Los Peñasquitos Canyon...

Smoked Venison on Weck Recipe

If you’ve never spent time in western New York State, particularly around Buffalo, then you’ve probably never heard of a Beef on Weck. If you have, you know the sandwich has reached a near cult-favorite status in the area. What is a Beef on Weck? It’s thinly sliced roast beef...

Waterfowling by the Numbers

People love lists, and they especially enjoy lists with numbers. Waterfowlers are no different. So in that spirit, I threw together a few numbers to which every duck and goose hunter can probably relate. 1: When a single blast echoes across the marsh, you can usually assume someone has killed...

5 Bad Excuses for Unfilled Deer Tags

Sometimes we have good reasons for not filling tags. Other times, we just have bad excuses, like these five phrases. 1. “I didn’t put in enough time.” Whether you’re after a trophy or just trying to fill the freezer, deer hunting requires time and effort. A lack of gumption generally...

Apricot- and Cream Cheese-Stuffed Wild Turkey Poppers Recipe

Everyone loves a good grilled popper. Here at the Timber2table kitchen, we’ve made just about every popper combination you can think up. Wild turkey breast stuffed with savory herbed cream cheese and a sweet dried apricot might be our favorite. Wrap the turkey with a slice of bacon, season well...

3 Half-Hour Duck Hunts

Turkey hunters sometimes use the term "flash hunt," which essentially means they locate, call in and then kill a bird extremely quickly. And although that definition doesn’t quite fit in the waterfowling world , duck and goose hunters can at times enjoy extremely brief yet productive hunts. You have to...

U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Native American Elk Hunter

Clayvin Herrera, a member of the Crow Tribe who was convicted for elk hunting out of season in Wyoming's Bighorn National Forest back in 2014, had his day before the U.S. Supreme Court. On Monday, the Court ruled in favor of Herrera, citing an 1868 treaty between the Crow tribe...