• Police Shoot Mountain Lion That Killed Pets, Charged Officers

    Residents in a Fontana, California, neighborhood can finally breathe a sigh of relief thanks to quick-acting officers who shot and killed a mountain lion responsible for killing pets in the area. Homeowner Yvonne Martin spotted a mountain lion sleeping behind a bush in her backyard and called the Fontana police...

  • Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Backstrap Recipe

    I have tried backstrap prepared just about every imaginable way, including raw. I loved just about all of them. But this recipe ranks way up on my favorites list. It combines the flavor of a Philly Cheesesteak with grilled backstrap. How could you get much better? To stuff and roll...


Turkey Hunting Tactics: Belly-Crawling Birds

Sometimes turkey hunting tactics involve getting down and dirty to kill a bird. Let's just throw out an example. You spend all morning trying to interest a strutting gobbler that just won’t come to your turkey calls. Since he won’t play the game, you decide to go to him. Moving...

Fawns in February?

For the past six years, I’ve been making a late winter trip south to bowhunt pigs in Florida with my dad. It’s one of my favorite hunting trips of the year (more to come on it in a future post), not only because I love to hunt pigs , but...

Turkey Hunting Tips Contest

Want to write turkey hunting tips for contest prizes? Deadline for the first round is by midnight, Friday, March 16. The winning turkey hunting tip will get a Zink Calls Thunder Ridge Slate . Enter as many times as you like.

First Buck Friday: Tom Pearl, Rome, Maine

Once again, Hansen and I had a swarm of great first buck stories land in our e-mail inboxes this week. Chances are good we’ll be sharing quite a few of them here on the Browtines and Backstrap blog. Today, we picked a story from another Maine hunter , Tom Pearl...

Hunting for Arrowheads While Hunting for Game

I remember the first time my daddy brought home an arrowhead he’d found while hunting in north Alab ama.

Save the Rhino, Spend Your Pension Fund

Recently, I blogged here about hunting exotics in Texas , and the flak that some outfitters get from anti-hunting groups who do not believe these animals should be here in the first place, let alone hunted. The gist of the post?

QDMA Whitetail Report: Required Reading For Serious Deer Hunters

There are a lot of things that I enjoy. But I probably enjoy two things more than others: Big deer and being right.

North Carolina DNR says, 'Bring on the Night!'

Forty-two states allow night hunting for some game species. North Carolina is thinking about becoming the 43rd state and is proposing new regulations that would allow hunting of coyotes and hogs at night.

Are Turkey Decoys An Unfair Hunting Advantage?

We got to size up a number of turkey decoys at the recent National Wild Turkey Federation Convention. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve used turkey decoys or are interested in carrying them during a hunt. You’re likely a “beards in the spring and antlers in the fall” type...

Hunting with Kids -- Need Suggestions

The other day, an editor asked me to write a how-to story about hunting with kids.

Shooting Form: The Anchor

In archery the anchor is really one part noun (as in anchor point), and one part verb (pulling the string to the anchor point). Without a consistent anchor point, no degree of accuracy is possible.

Finally Friday? Time for Another First Buck Story

My calendar tells me that, miracle of miracles, it's Friday again. That means it's time for another reader-submitted first-buck story. This one was sent to us by Celia Broomhall of Gilead, Maine. We enjoyed reading it. Hope you do, too. Send us your first-buck stories and photos by e-mailing them...