• Delta Waterfowl First-Duck Pins Helping to Recruit Hunters

    Delta Waterfowl helped bring new hunters into the fold this past season by awarding hundreds of youngsters with First-Duck Pins and certificates of recognition for taking their first waterfowl. Realtree is the Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl, and the Presenting Sponsor of Delta’s First Hunt and First-Duck Pin...

  • Video: Watch, Listen as a Wild Turkey Hen Struts, Gobbles

    Ever see a hen strut or hear one gobble? Watch this video. True enough, over the years we’ve seen an occasional hen strut in the spring, often to show dominance, especially when confronting a hyper-realistic fake staked in her territory. We’ve even witnessed strutting in the fall from certain brood...


Tyler Jordan: Early Season Update from Team Realtree

The 2012 hunting season has already kicked off in a big way. Several members of the Team Realtree crew have already had successful hunts for whitetails and elk. Here's the rundown of September highlights so far:

Video: Kee-Kee with a Friction Call

Want some tips for making a kee-kee with a friction call ? The kee-kee is the maturing lost whistle of a young turkey. In fall hunting, it's often used when calling hatch-year birds back after scattering a family flock. Here calling authority Scott Ellis demonstrates the proper technique for holding...

Bright Lights, Big City and Beretta

Ainsley Beeman is a guest blogger on The RealBlog.

Secrets for Cooking Duck

Learning a few simple concepts go a long way when cooking waterfowl

Trail Cam Review: Moultrie M-80 Black

Image Resolution: 5 MP Power Source: AA batteries (4 or 8 will power the camera) Advertised Nighttime Range (no flash): 50 Feet MSRP: $204.99

Getting the lead out of hunting in Arizona

This headline caught my attention: Environmentalists sue to block lead ammo they say threatens condors.

Bigfoot Hunting the Bluegrass State

Does hunting traditional game, such as turkey, deer, elk and bear no longer challenge you? Are you looking to up the ante a bit with something a little bigger and more elusive? Well, how about giving Bigfoot hunting a try?

Meitin's Favorite Bows For 2012

My Current Favorites Being a long-time hanger-on in the archery industry I get to play with lots of gear. From bows to arrows I take advantage of this privilege, making an attempt to test as wide a variety of gear as possible so I can speak authoritatively on any equipment...

Win a Turkey Vest (And Maybe More)

Want a chance to win a Blacks Creek Turkey Tuxedo - Vest Pack/Combo ($149.99 value)? Sure you do. Like contest giveaways? We do too. And it’s not the only ongoing contest we’ve posted here. On those other two, stay tuned. THE RULES

Beaver Attacks Old Lady

I’m not sure I would want to be remembered as "that old lady that got attacked by a rabid beaver." We’ve all done things in the outdoors that looking back on, we might think we’re glad it turned out all right. Like the time I hunted for a television show...

What Did You Get for Your Wedding Gift? Angelina Jolie Got a Shooting Range

I don’t keep up with celebrity gossip or news, but when I saw the story about Brad Pitt buying Angelina Jolie a shooting range as a wedding gift , I ha

Why Would A Guy Let A Perfectly Good Bull Elk Walk?

Passing The Buck