• Brow Tines and Backstrap

    Whitetails make the hunting world go round. Josh Honeycutt, deer hunting editor and "Brow Tines and Backstrap" blogger, knows a fair bit about killing mature deer. He was raised up hunting the river bottoms of Kentucky. And he still hunts there—among other places—to this day.

    Follow along as he shares his adventures, experiences and knowledge of the white-tailed deer.

  • Guns and Camo

    Guns and Camo. From the basic to the advanced, we will cover the world of firearms (and maybe the occasional slingshot and air rifle) in a manner that puts hunting and in-the-field practicality first. Editorial in the name of powder, steel, and ammo. Heck yeah.

  • The Duck Blog

    Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin. He's been a writer and editor in the outdoors industry since 1991.

  • The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

    Stephanie Mallory is a mom, a hunter and Realtree’s PR Coordinator. She’s here to deliver an insider’s look at the outdoor business and give her opinion on all things outdoors—whether you asked for it or not.

  • Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

    There’s work to do after the trigger is pulled, but the cleaning and the cooking can be fun as the hunt itself. Timber 2 Table is where Realtree’s experts will teach you to skin a squirrel in 1 minute, cape a buck for the wall, grill a delectable wild turkey popper and so much more.

  • Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

    Steve Hickoff is's editorial director and turkey hunting editor. He’s been beaten by more birds than he can remember. Still he kills enough to eat well, and fool with beards, spurs and fans until the next season. Pennsylvania born and raised, Maine is his home base now. A full-time outdoor communicator with a couple university writing degrees, he chases spring gobblers and fall flocks around the country.


Two New Hunter's Specialties Calls

Posting here on the final day of the 2010 SHOT Show in the land of no sleep and plenty of turkey talk. When not hanging out at the Realtree base camp in Vegas this past week, I checked in with the H.S. turkey guys (among others); specifically Matt Morrett and...

Winter Flock Citizen Survey

CONCORD, N.H. – If you see a flock of wild turkeys in New Hampshire this winter, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department would like to hear about it. For the second consecutive year, citizens are being asked to report sightings of turkey flocks seen from now through March 31,...

California NWTF in Action

CALIFORNIA - The National Wild Turkey Federation's California chapters have budgeted $160,500 from the state Hunting Heritage Super Fund to invest in outreach, education, conservation, increased public land access and more within California in 2010. The NWTF Super Fund is administered jointly by the NWTF, its state and provincial chapters...

Winter Turkey Hunting

Winter turkey hunting isn’t for everyone. Yeah it’s tough, it’s cold, and you may have used up your “honey I’m hunting” days. Some of you will concentrate on other outdoor opportunities this time of the year, and/or rest up for spring turkey season. Others know that in some states winter...

Realtree Turkey Resolutions

This time of the year, we’re all making plans for spring hunts; and New Year's resolutions. I vow to introduce at least one person who has never hunted turkeys to this amazing tradition. I vow to listen with feigned interest as buddies tell hunt stories for the third time. I...

NWTF Annual Convention Coming Soon

NASHVILLE, Tennessee - With travel and entertainment prices soaring and weather temperatures dropping, keeping the boredom at bay is tough. Thankfully, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) makes it easy and affordable for the whole family to have fun and shed the winter blues. The NWTF is hosting its 34th...

Kentucky Fall Tom

Pretty cold around here for the late shotgun season, but it had the turkeys on their feet. I shot this 2-yr. old at around 8:30 yesterday morning on a white oak ridge. He and three other longbeards (best I could tell) were scratching with a big group of hens and...

Ohio Fall Turkey Results

COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio's fall wild turkey season ended November 29 with 2,180 birds killed during the seven-week season. Tuscarawas County led the state with 135 birds taken, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. Last year, 2,012 birds were taken. The fall turkey season...

Fighting Purr-fection

Spring turkey hunting is a winter away but transitional seasons are still available in some parts of the country like Kentucky, Virginia and Wisconsin. Check your state's regulations. You might have an opportunity too. Right now, here in early December, family flocks might still hold either-sex birds of the year,...

Fall Turkey Transitions

Look for fall jakes to leave family flocks for a period of time this fall. Use kee-kee-runs with gobbles tagged on the end to pull these birds into range after a flock scatter or simply by cold calling.

Arizona Officials Announce Drawing Results for Spring Hunts

PHOENIX - The more than 35,000 hunters who applied for a tag to hunt spring turkey, javelina, buffalo or bear in 2010 can find out if they were drawn by visiting the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Web site at or by calling (602) 942-3000 (option 2). Game and...

Shooting Better Turkey Photos

The key to self-timer photos, and others you or buddies snap in the field: (1) Shoot a lot. Some images will be good.