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Realtree at ATA: Cajun Sucker Punch Review

I love to bowhunt about everything. Deer. Turkeys. And fish. Love to bowfish. So one of my favorite new products from this year's ATA Show is the Cajun Sucker Punch bow paired with the Hybrid reel. The Sucker Punch is a cool enough little bowfishing bow. It sports a 35.25-inch...

Realtree at ATA: Elite Energy Review

The two flagship bows in Elite’s 2014 lineup include the Energy 32 and Energy 35. The 32- and 35-inch bows, respectively, sport Elite’s new riser design that includes the unmistakable “riser cage,” which Elite claims increases the riser’s strength by 30 percent and rigidity by 19 percent. Paired with Elite’s...

Realtree at ATA: Bear Agenda 6 Review

One of the first bows we shot during day one of the ATA Show in Nashville was Bear's all-new Agenda. Available in both 6- and 7-inch brace height versions, this 32-inch bow is smoking fast (350 fps on the Agenda 6), but plenty smooth on the range. It features a...

Realtree at ATA: Prime Alloy Review

Prime’s new-for-2014 bow is called the Alloy. Featuring the unique Parallel PCX Cam system introduced on last year’s Prime Impact, the Alloy is a much better balanced, handier package in our opinion. It sports a 33.25 axle-to-axle length, 6.75-inch brace height, and a reduced weight of 4.2 pounds. IBO speeds...

Man Shoots Marijuana-Wrapped Arrow at Jail

David Wayne Jordan, 36, told police he was squirrel hunting when they questioned him about an arrow wrapped with a baggie of marijuana that he fired at the second-floor recreation area of Whatcom County Jail in Washington on Tuesday.

Expandable Broadhead Failure Spares Hunter's Life

Had the expandable Rage broadh ead worked as it was designed and as its reputation suggests it usually does, TJ Cartwright most likely would be dead.

Kentucky Introduces Bowhunting Program for Schools

Last year, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources introduced a program called Explore Bowhunting to its lineup of education courses.

The Coolest Airboat Ever

TenPoint Purchases Horton Archery

A big change in the crossbow industry has everyone all abuzz.

Bowfishing Arrows: Fiberglass vs. Carbon

Take a Kid -- Or Significant Other -- Bowfishing

I often joke that my wife, Gwyn, was an anti-hunter when we met. This isn't excactly true, though she was certainly leaning in that direction. As our relationship became more serious she quickly developed a fascination for archery. Soon she began winning 3-D tournaments. But bowhunting? No way!

The Full Draw Film Tour Experience

Choosing Bowfishing Points

Bowfishing points are fairly simple. They include barbs to keep speared fish from sliding off the arrow during retrieval.

Wade-In Bowfishing Opportunities Abound

Best Bow For Bowfishing?

Compound or recurve? What's the best bow for bowfishing?

Realtree Presents Full Draw Film Tour

If you are a serious bowhunter and are lucky enough to live in the Northwest portion of the country you're in for a real treat. The Full Draw Film Tour is coming to a historic theater near you this summer. You'll have the opportunity to watch exciting, never-before-seen bowhunting films...

Crossbows in bow season?

Mike Strandlund: One Of The Good Ones

Mike Strandlund, editor of Bowhunting World and Grand View Media's Editorial Director, Will Be Missed By All Bowhunters.

Kansas Says ‘Yes’ to Crossbows and More Ammo Choices for Deer and Turkey Hunters

On March 24, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism voted 5 to 0 to allow several liberal changes in the state’s wildlife regulations, including expanding crossbow use and ammo choices for deer and turkey hunters.

Third Grader on Trip to Science Museum Gets Shot in Leg by Arrow

On Tuesday, an 8-year-old California girl visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science during a school field trip was struck in the leg by an arrow. According to the San Franciso Chronicle , third-grader, Nadine Hairston, was sitting on a life-size model of a fin whale outside the building when she...