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Is Deer Mineral Worth The Effort and Cost?

Should You Use Deer Mineral This Spring?

Survey: What's the Best Arrow For Bowhunting?

What's the best arrow for bowhunting?

Tune Your Own Bow: How To Install a Peep Sight

Learing how to intall a peep sight isn't difficult. It can be done in just a few steps.

How To Tune A Bow: Tie Your Own String Loop

Tying your own string loop isn't difficult. It can be tied in just seven steps.

How To Tune A Bow: Nocks and Rests

In the first installment of our How To Tune A Bow series, we look at installing rests and nock points.

100 percent success? Or 100 percent disappointment?

My whitetail season's officially finished. I wrapped it up with a "management buck" with poor long-term trophy potential to fill my Idaho tag.

Tuning Series -- Optimizing Arrow F.O.C. Balance

Tuning Arrows For Optimum F.O.C. Balance F.O.C.'s the percentage of an arrow's weight situated forward of it's center. To determine this number take a hunt-ready arrow, head installed, placing it on a sharp edge to determine it's balance point and marking it with pencil. Next measure that same arrow from...

Tuning Series -- Dynamic Arrow Tuning

Dynamic Arrow Tuning Carbon arrows are a material matrix, slight variations sometimes resulting even within a single deflection grade. Expensive, super-straight arrows come off the same mandrels as budget-priced arrows with lesser tolerances - various grades resulting from sorting, higher costs relegated best-spec shaft because fewer make the cut. Though...

Bow-Tuning Shortcuts -- Part 4, Getting It Perfect

Bow-Tuning Shortcuts -- Part 4, Getting It Perfect If you've been following this series you now have a bow, new or old, set up and ready to shoot. Before you can begin shooting seriously though, you need to check tuning to assure arrows are flying laser straight. First conduct a...

Buying A New Hunting Bow: Is It Necessary?

Do I Really Need A New Bow?

Zombies Invade ATA

My routine is a bit different today. Instead of taking care of kids and sitting in my office typing up gear guides, etc. for, I’m walking the floor at the 2013 ATA show in Louisville, KY.

Cuomo Vetoes Crossbow Bill

On Mon., Dec. 17, Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed Bill A10583 , which extended crossbow use for two years during the regular firearms and late muzzleloader big game seasons. If passed, the bill would have allowed for crossbow hunting during fall gun seasons only.

Tag Soup: What Went Wrong?

Unpunched Whitetail Tag? Here's Why You Failed.

The Big Kansas "Failure"

Big Expectations Turn To Big Disappointment.

The Devil's In The Details -- Is Your Bow Whitetail Ready?

Little Details Make The Deadly Whitetail Bow Being an equipment junkie, and forever attempting to better understand the "average" American bowhunter to better serve my reader, I scrutinize every bow outfit I see. I really study them, even asking questions about wy certain bow models or accessories were chosen.

Sleep Deprivation & Bowhunting

Sleep Deprivation and Deer Hunters.

How to Travel with a Bow

Flying to bowhunt has become increasingly challenging (and costly) thanks to money-grubbing schemes adopted by most airlines. There are now lowered baggage-weight allowances in conjunction with shakedowns for checking more than one bag, even if the passenger beside you requesting the seat-belt extension outweighs you by three times the weight...

Shooting Arrows In The Wind

Shooting In The Wind

The Bait Debate

The Bait Debate: Is Hunting Deer Over Bait Unethical?

Which Drop-Away Arrow Rest Design Is Best?

Is One Drop-Away Arrow Rest Design Better Than Another? With drop-away arrow rests there are two basic designs: Buss-cable operated and limb-driven. Both involve springs attached directly to launcher arms. I'll attempt here to detail how each operates, but picking a favorite really comes down to personal preference.