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Shot Angles, Shoulder Blades & Arrows

Is an intentional shoulder shot unethical?

Bowhunting Oklahoma's Early-Season Whitetail

Patrick Meitin returns from another visit to Oklahoma for October whitetails.

Should You Hunt Over Scrapes?

Back To Oklahoma For An October Whitetail Bowhunt

Oklahoma Whitetails In October

Playing Treestand Musical Chairs Based On Wind and Trail Camera Evidence

Trail Cams and Wind

Meitin's Favorite Bows For 2012

My Current Favorites Being a long-time hanger-on in the archery industry I get to play with lots of gear. From bows to arrows I take advantage of this privilege, making an attempt to test as wide a variety of gear as possible so I can speak authoritatively on any equipment...

The Finer Points Of Calling Elk During Archery Seasons

Calling All Elk Calling snot-slinging, wild-eyed bulls into archery range is the stuff of bowhunting dreams. Unfortunately, this seldom comes off as depicted in heavily-edited hunting videos starring major game-call icons. I've been in this dodge long enough to understand these moneyed captains of industry don't bowhunt the same places...

Bowhunting Numbers Up By 19 Percent

On the heels of the good news about the U.S.

The Perfect Pronghorn Bow

Meitin explains the ins and outs of putting together the perfect bowhunting outfit for pronghorns

Bowhunting and Lucky Charms

What more scientific proof do you need? Season going badly; nothing but bad luck. Find four-leaf clover. Kill bear nearly immediately.

Missing is Part of Bowhunting

I just read "Fred Bear's Field Notes," again. It occurs to me anew how archers of old weren't afraid to miss like we are today.

Fellow Hunter to Compete in the 2012 London Olympics

He’s a hunter, a self-described “country boy” and an Olympian.

Bowfishing Is Hot Summertime Fun!

Bowfishing -- Hot Summertime Fun

Bow-Up Against Breast Cancer 3-D Archery Shoot Surpasses Expectations

I tell my children all the time, “Live your life in a way that makes a positive difference in other’s lives.” They say, “OK,” bu t I know they’re a little young to understand exactly what I mean.

Gearing Up To Bowhunt Dangerous Game

Bowhunting Dangerous Game

Want To Kill More Game With A Bow? Shoot More Foam.

3-D For Better Bowhunting

Hiring A Shooting Coach This Summer For Better Shooting Come Fall

After you've been shooting awhile the mechanics of drawing, anchoring and releasing a bowstring become essentially automatic.

Make Your Bow Shoot Better with a Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The Hot-Button Topic of Bear Baiting

Bear-Baiting Controversy

Making Your Bowhunting Outfit Deadly Silent

Silence of the Limbs