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The Best Turkey You Will Ever Eat!

By now many of you have tagged your spring gobbler -- maybe more than one. Looking for something scrumptious to do with it? I asked professional wild-game cookbook authors Tiffany and Scott Haugen for their favorite way to eat a turkey, and they graciously shared this deep fried turkey recipe...

A test: Disney’s Chicks in Flicks

I know. The demographics for this column largely swing to southeastern white males who hunt. But bear with me, because I bet a lot of you are fathers to young children, and therefore, we’ll see a lot of you heading to movie theaters with those little ones in tow this...

Wild Hogs:Favorite Summertime Game

Hog-Wild Summertime Fun!

Going Traditional

Some bowhunters choose traditional archery to emulate icons like Fred Bear, while others might just be looking for something simpler. Some in the archery industry see this as a threat somehow. I guess the assumption is an onslaught of single-string shooters will result in fewer purchases of expensive gizmos. Traditional...

What's The Ideal Turkey Broadhead?

Bowhunting turkeys, as I've discussed previously, depends on having the right gear. This is especially true when it comes to choosing broadheads. Choosing the best broadheads for turkeys is all about punching a big hole, to a lesser extent knocking the bird for a loop. Oddly enough, in regard to...

F.O.C. and Bowhunting Arrow Accuracy

F.O.C. and Bowhunting

Spring Stump Shooting Tune-Up

Stump-Shooting Fun

The Ashby Thing Part II – Regarding Compounds

The Ashby Thing Part II

The Ed Ashby Thing, Part I – Regarding Traditional Archery

The Ashby Thing, Part I

Is A Speed Bow For You?

Bowhunting Turkeys Isn't As Difficult As You Think

Will ‘The Hunger Games’ Create More ‘Kats’ in the Woods?

In case you spent last week commuting to work without the radio on, or out in the woods somewhere, you might not know that the movie “The Hunger Games” opened on March 23 to packed theaters across the country.

Kansas Kills Crossbows for Archery Season

In Kansas, the state legislature’s Senate committee voted 5-4 to table a bill that would have allowed crossbow hunting during archery season . Intended to aid in controlling the state’s burgeoning deer population, opening the bow season for crossbow users seemed to make sense, and of course, in the eyes...

Favorite Release Aid Styles

Thoughts on Solo Hunting and the Ideal Hunting Partner

Love The One You're With

Perspectives on growing and maturing as a hunter.

Shooting Form: The Perfect Release

At its base, how you approach the aiming process, in direct relation to the release, makes or breaks every shot with the bow and arrow. Proper execution also heads off bad habits affecting your shooting down the road.

Shooting Form: The Anchor

In archery the anchor is really one part noun (as in anchor point), and one part verb (pulling the string to the anchor point). Without a consistent anchor point, no degree of accuracy is possible.

Shooting Form: The Stance

During the last four installments, I discussed purchasing the basic equipment needed to begin your bowhunting passion. Before you’ll achieve the best results possible, you’ll need to instill basic shooting-form fundamentals.

Bowhunting Basics IV: Rangefinders

Previously we discussed the basic gear you’ll need to start shooting and enjoying all archery has to offer. But before you get really serious about bowhunting live game you’ll need a quality laser rangefinder.