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Bowhunting Basics III: Modern Bowhunting Accessories

While modern compound bows , with their silky-smooth draw cycles, high let-off, and efficient energy transfer, and straighter, more durable carbon arrows and broadheads , are huge factors in making archery success easier, modern bowhunting accessories also contribute largely to shooting ease.

Bowhunting Basics II: Terminal Tackle

In the first installment of Bowhunting Basics , I discussed choosing a bow. With that part of the journey behind you, you’ll obviously need additional gear to make your bowhunting ambitions more streamlined and successful.

Bowhunting Basics: Part 1

Have you never been bowhunting? Getting started is easier than you think.

Meet Patrick Meitin

I’ve been in the outdoor-writing dodge a while, selling my first magazine articles to mainstream archery publications in 1988. Ironically enough, my first published article was a technical piece, detailing a simplified method of aiming a bow and arrow using a single pin. It’s ironic only because I wasn’t what...