2012 ATA Show in Photos


1 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Bear has been on a roll recently when it comes to new bows, and this year was no exception. The Bear flagship model for 2012 is the Anarchy, which is a slightly longer axle-to-axle model (35 ¼ inches) than many of its previous bows. It features several updated features, including an improved grip and updated cam design. The Anarchy boasts an IBO speed of 340 fps. 

Bear also has an entire line of great bows to fit any price point, but two of our favorites are the Siren and the Outbreak. The Siren is the new-for-2012 women’s model, and the official bow of Realtree Girl. The Outbreak is designed to be a great all-around bow with an amazing amount of adjustability (16- to 30-inch draw length; 20- to 70-pounds draw weight). Obviously, it’d be a good choice for a new bowhunter, but our eyes were on it for its bowfishing potential. 

2 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Trophy Ridge introduced a variety of cool new accessories this year. Most of them feature the cool new Ballistic Copolymer System, which is a material that is soft to the touch and provides the same strength of aluminum, but is 25 percent lighter. Trophy Ridge is offering a new line of sights, available in 3-, 5- or 7-pin models, as well as quivers and rests, made from the material. 

3 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Our particular favorite accessory from Trophy Ridge is the quiver with a quick-attaching cam-lock lever arm and three handy, integral LED lights that effectively turn your bow into a flashlight on the way to the stand. 

4 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

A streamlined product lineup with a focus on quality is a typical hallmark of Elite Archery. This year, Elite Archery introduced a new flagship bow—The Answer—that combines several features of the Hunter and the Pure. The bow sports a 33-inch axle-to-axle length, 7-inch brace height, newly designed cam and IBO speeds of 340 fps with speed modules. 

5 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

A relative newcomer to the archery industry, Strother Archery is in its third year of business, and this year they introduced four new models—the Wrath, the Moxie, the SX-Rush and the Hope. The Wrath is a compact model designed for the treestand. It features a long, forgiving brace height and respectable IBO speeds of 330 fps. The SX-Rush is Strother’s speed model. It sports a 34-inch axle-to-axle length and IBO speeds of 342 fps. The Moxie is designed primarily as a target bow (although it’s available in Realtree AP and right at home in the woods, provided you like a longer bow). It boasts IBO speeds of 330 fps, and the draw length can be adjusted to 32 ½ inches. Finally, there’s the Hope, which is Strother’s new ladies bow. This bow is 34 inches axle to axle, weighs 3.75 pounds and boasts speeds of up to 297 fps (given a 25 ½-inch draw length at 60 pounds). 

6 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Easton’s big news this year is the revolutionary new A/C Injexion arrow shaft with Deep Six insert technology. The shafts are heavy, but have an extremely small diameter (the smallest of any internal component hunting arrow made)—the perfect mix for maximum penetration, reduced wind drag and long-range energy retention. The Deep Six inserts provide 25 percent more thread engagement to keep your points from rattling loose, but they do require broadheads threaded specifically to fit them—you’ll have to click through to the next images to learn more about them. 

7 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

More carbon. This time, it’s New Archery Products expanding its carbon-based offerings with a new Apache Carbon arrow rest. The rest is essentially the proven Apache rest with a housing that’s greatly reduced in weight and has a carbon fiber appearance. The rest weighs in at about 4 ounces. Another very interesting rest is the Armor Rest, which uses a scissor-style containment system. It’s simple and effective. NAP also unveiled its new line of Deep Six broadheads which are engineered specifically for Easton’s new Injexion arrows and Deep Six inserts. The heads are variations on popular NAP models: Thunderhead Razor, Spitfire MAXX, Big Nasty and Blood Runner.

8 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Muzzy continues to introduce cool new broadheads while sticking to their fixed-blade, cut-on-contact roots. New for this year is a 150-grain Fred Eichler Signature Series broadhead, designed specifically for traditional hunters; the DX-3 100-grain three-blade model, designed for Easton’s Deep Six arrow shaft; and the Crosskill, a compact (but heavy at 150 grains) three-blade broadhead designed especially for crossbow hunters. 

9 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Remember that kid in school who was good at virtually everything he did? Yeah, that’s G5 Outdoors. The company produces a number of bowhunting products ranging from broadheads to bows – and virtually everyone of them is top-notch. In 2012, G5 is unveiling a couple of interesting additions to that lineup: a new 2-inch cut broadhead called Havoc, a nifty little broadhead case, a titanium version of its popular Meta Peep and a very intriguing new quiver. Dubbed the Head-Loc, the quiver mounts to the bow with a rubber piston-looking deal that fits into a hole on the quiver. The entire area is molded of compressed rubber, which acts as an isolator and reduces bow noise. The clamping system is simple and fast. The quiver hood is minimalistic and made of a semirigid material that’s soft but strong. The unit includes a tree mount that screws into the tree, allowing you to securely keep the quiver handy in a treestand. Best feature? It’ll retail for about $50.

10 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Apparently, carbon isn’t a fad. Far from it. In 2012, Hoyt expects its carbon bows to continue to grow in popularity and this year’s models feature a fantastic new cam – the RKT. The RKT is smoother and faster than last year’s cams with true speeds of about 330 fps. 

Hoyt’s 2012 bow lineup is similar to those offered in 2011 – the Carbon Element and Carbon Matrix are the flagship carbon models but now feature the new RKT cam. On the aluminum riser side, Hoyt’s newest model is the Vector, which comes in a 32-inch (Vector 32), 35-inch (Vector 35) and a speed configuration (Vector Turbo). The Vektor line also utilizes the RKT cam.

11 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Quality Archery Designs Exodus broadhead is not technically a “new” product having been released in 2011. But its worth mentioning, given that the heads are expected to be more readily available this fall. The broadheads feature a unique over-the-shaft design, which allows for a super-short head while maintaining decent cutting diameters.The heads come in two styles: a full blade model and a swept blade model. They’re available in 85 or 100 grains and have 1 ¼-inch cutting diameters.

12 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Tru-Fire has several new models for 2012 that add enhanced features to previous models. The flagship of the lineup is the new Hardcore MAX. Tru-Fire’s Hardcore release is a best-seller. The MAX takes that release and adds two new features. The first is a screw to adjust trigger pressure ranging from three to 16 ounces. The second is a new Evolution II buckle, which is cushier than previous versions and features rolled edges – a much appreciated improvement. 

13 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Parker Bows claims the Tomahawk is the lightest crossbow for its price point and speed of 320 fps. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, this crossbow features advanced split-limb technology and boasts an optimal balance point keeping it from being neither front- or back-heavy.

14 | 2012 ATA in Photos

The new Excalibur Ibex SMF weighs in at only 5.9 pounds, making it the lightest of the crossbows in this lineup. The Ibex combines an ergonomic thumbhole stock with 175-pound draw weight for a compact and powerful package. The smooth and silent Ibex will churn a 350-grain arrow out at more than 305 fps. Best of all, it’s made in the USA. 

15 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The flagship crossbow of the Horton line, the Fury is lightning fast shooting at 360 fps. This lean and mean addition to the Horton arsenal features Horton’s futuristic Reverse Draw Technology giving the Fury an amazingly compact design, while its CNC-machined riser and lightweight aluminum barrel produce incredible balance and accuracy. (manufacturer’s website)

16 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

One of Barnett’s lightest crossbows, the Ghost 350 weighs just 7.6 pounds so you can shoulder and hold it with little effort. Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) removes enough weight out of the front end pushing the center of gravity back to the end of the stock so that it is much easier to carry. This bow shoots 350 fps, providing more than enough power to get the job done. 

17 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Apex Game Changer Sight's clever design allows you to easily change the fiber optics on the sight pins without disassembling the entire sight, so you can change the colors on your pins to match your personal taste. The Game Changer is made of machined aluminum, features stainless-steel hardware and an elongated bracket design. Extra-long fiber optics increase the brightness.  

18 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Truglo Carbon XS Quiver is designed for ease of use. The fully adjustable mounting bracket is simple to tweak, and you can quietly detach this quiver with just one hand. The carbon composite frame makes it extremely lightweight and durable, and the inline design places the quiver behind the sight, making it less bulky and more streamlined.  

19 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

With its impressive 2.3-inch cutting diameter, the Rage X-Treme broadhead is extremely lethal. The sweeping blade angle is designed to maintain kinetic energy longer and penetrate deeper to create devastating wound channels. A single-bevel blade improves bone- and tissue-cutting performance on even the toughest of prey. The newly patented Shock Collar ensures the blades remain in place until that moment of truth.