2012 ATA Show in Photos - Part 2


1 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Day 6 Outdoors PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro have revolutionized the way many hunters think of trail cameras. Their time-lapse technology and easy-to-use software make all-day surveillance of a food plot, feeder, active scrape, etc., easy and fast. This year, Day 6 added a set of accessory lenses for the Plotwatcher Pro to the lineup. The lenses are sold in a pack of two, one telephoto and one wide angle, and take only seconds to swap out. 

2 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The wildly successful ScentBlocker by Robinson Outdoor Products Tree Spider safety harness system was the talk of the ATA Show in 2011. This year, ScentBlocker updated the line with the Tree Spider Micro Harness. The safety harness weighs a scant 1.7 pounds, and is a little more affordable than last year’s version at $106. 

3 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The original maker of the binocular harness, Crooked Horn introduced a rangefinder accessory this year that is right at home in both the Eastern whitetail woods and when chasing mulies out West. The RF Hookup comes standard with a bino harness and keeps your rangefinder handy, but out of the way. It’s made in the USA, guaranteed for life and costs less than $50—a pretty good deal for an outstanding hunting accessory.

4 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Long-range practice makes the 30-yard shots seem easy—and for flinging arrows at 50-plus yards, nothing beats a big, round target with a well-defined bullseye. The Delta/McKenzie Bulzeye target fits that description perfectly. The target breaks down into two parts for portability and core replacement and features a large 21-inch diameter. Step back to 80 yards, hold high and let ‘er fly. 

5 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

A longtime producer of archery accessories at affordable prices, our favorite thing from the Allen booth this year might be the least-expensive product reviewed all week. The idea is a simple solution to a common problem—loose, rattling field points. These new Stay Tight Field Points feature a simple O-ring that, once tightened down, keep the point from rattling loose.

6 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

AMS Bowfishing is no doubt a leader in the growing sport of bowfishing, and it had a variety of cool new products on the shelves this year. Our favorite was the bow-mounted Spec Ops light. When mounted on your bow’s riser, it projects a super-bright beam just above your retriever reel—perfect for shooting spooky bighead carp that won’t hang around when generators and halogen beams are running. The light runs off a lithium battery that’ll last for about two full nights of shooting. 

7 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

For archery ballistics geeks, the Velocitip System from Full Flight Technology is one of the coolest gadgets to come along in awhile (though it’s admittedly pricey). The system features a computerized field point (a broadhead adapter is also now available) and a docking station so that you can find the ballistics for your particular bow out to 50-plus yards. After one shot, learn your velocity, kinetic energy, momentum and trajectory. (link to velocitip site and video on the Velocitip on Realtree.com) 

8 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

You need to hunt where the game is and sometimes that means you have to set up on the side of a hill or on other uneven terrain. The Ameristep Switch Ground Blind is designed for just that. The fully adjustable aluminum telescopic frame adjusts from 60 to 88 inches and allows you to adjust each leg so that it fits the terrain perfectly. This blind is called the Switch because you can customize your setup even more by switching out the original Realtree AP cover for a Realtree APG, Realtree MAX-1 or Realtree MAX-4 cover, which are sold separately. 

9 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Hunters now have an easier way to tote their beloved ThermaCELLs afield. The ThermaCELL Holster with Clip fits a full-size ThermaCELL or a ThermaSCENT Appliance. The new 360-degree rotating clip makes attaching the the holster to belts, packs, fences, branches or treestands with ease.  The holster also comes with side pouches for storing refills.

10 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Hunter Safety System Hybrid safety vest combines the best of HSS’s full-featured Pro Series vest with the lightweight, streamlined Ultra-Lite X-Treme Vest for the perfect balance of form and function. The Hybrid’s patented lightweight harness system provides unparalleled strength and comfort when seated or standing at full draw. The Hybrid’s upper is streamlined to minimize bulk when worn over hunting clothes. The lower portion features six pockets, including two hand-warmer pockets, two security pockets and a pair of quick-access utility pockets.

11 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

New to the industry, Tenzing, made a big impression at the show with its impressive line of Realtree camo backpacks. The entire high-end family of backpacks features Dyneema material, which is super strong and lightweight like Kevlar. All backpacks feature expandable compartments with a yellow zipper for quick identification and access. The Tenzing TZ 2220 daypack weighs only 4 pounds, yet offers an amazing storage capacity of more than 2,220 cubic inches. The internal aluminum frame stay provides a lightweight but sturdy structure that evenly distributes the load from shoulders to hips. Hip supports are padded and the back pad is channeled for air-cooled comfort. This pack and others in the Tenzing line will be available April 2012. 

12 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

The Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters Fashion Belt Buckles are Great American Products’ best-selling accessories by far. These hand-cast, hand-painted and hand-finished buckles provide Realtree fans with a cool and edgy way to display their passion for the hunt.

13 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Badlands has channeled its knack for creating innovative and cutting-edge technology for hunting backpacks into a new line of hunting apparel. The Bio-Thermic System performance apparel amplifies your body’s ability to generate heat keeping you warm and dry when temperatures drop. The system is comprised of base layers and midweight apparel, including one vest, four jackets, two pants and one cold-weather bib. The Scent Reduction System is impregnated deep into the fabric’s fiber, allowing it to kill odor-causing microbes. The DryVent membrane draws moisture toward the surface of the fabric keeping you dry and comfortable even when the action heats up. 

14 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Alps Outdoorz has quietly been making some of the most affordable, high-end hunting packs available. At the 2012 ATA Show, they featured several new items including a really cool collapsible turkey hunting vest and the Pathfinder pack. The Pathfinder is touted as a modular type of pack that can serve as a full-sized daypack, a fanny pack – or both. The pack can be used as a fanny pack that’s hooked around your waist and uses a shoulder harness system. When more space is needed, you can unroll the daypack portion and utilize 1,100 cubic inches of storage space. In daypack mode, the pack can also be used to carry your bow using the bow pocket designed to fit a variety of bow models. The pack is compatible with all of Alps accessory pockets as well. 

15 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Summit unveiled several new treestands for 2012, including a pair of climber models and a new series of fixed-position stands endorsed by Lee and Tiffany Lakoski’s "The Crush" TV series. The Crush series comes in three sizes of fixed-position stands as well as five sizes of ladder stands.

16 | 2012 ATA Show in Photos

Last year, First Lite brought a new/old technical fabric to the outdoors market – merino wool. This year, the First Lite designers worked on making clothing that not only features the benefits of merino wool but also features a cut designed specifically with hunters in mind. The Shooters Cut is featured in several weights and styles of tops and bottoms designed to match the conditions you’ll be hunting in. The redesigned Llano crew shirt is a terrific layering garment for colder condition; ideal on its own in moderate temperatures.