ATA 2013 Day 2: Bowhunting Gear and Clothing


1 | Summit Cobra SD Climbing Stand

Blending the comfort of the Summit Viper with an open platform bowhunters will love, the all new Summit Cobra SD Climbing Stand definitely caught our eye. The stand weighs just 18 pounds and of course features Summit’s Dead Metal technology, which keeps the clangs to a minimum while you’re in the tree. It includes a few new-for-2013 improvements, too, including more comfortable shoulder straps and zippered (not Velcro, thank God) arm pads. Price is $259.99. 

2 | Millennium Monster 150

Some folks like a hang-on stand that’s lightweight, compact and portable. This one’s not for them … except for the lightweight part. The Millennium Monster 150 weighs just 19.5 pounds, but has a big 34-by-27-inch platform and an adjustable seat height of 17 to 20 inches. The stand also features a folding ComfortMax Seat and the Interlock Leveling System that allows the seat and platform to be leveled on a crooked or leaning tree. Weight capacity is 300 pounds. Price is $249.95.

3 | Buck Knives

Want to see the all-new Realtree Xtra pattern in action? Check out the new lineup of knives from Buck Knives. Realtree Xtra handles and sheathes are available on popular Buck folding knives, such as the Bantam Series; straight knives such as the Omni Series; and their Field Master Kit. Buck Knives are renowned for holding an edge by hunters across the country. Now some of them look a little cooler.

4 | Easton Packs

Easton has introduced eight sweet new packs to suit everyone from the treestand whitetail hunter to the extended-stay, backcountry elk hunter. Four of the eight go for less than $100, and the lightweight hydration pack costs just $79. Our personal favorite was the Flatline, a lumbar pack that solves many traditional problems associated with that style of pack, including the pack sagging when full due to lack of a rigid frame. The Flatline has an aluminum pole frame and dual straps, keeping it secure even when packed full of heavy gear. It costs $99. 

5 | Hunt Comfort Scout Cushion

Hunt Comfort cushions have built a reputation for having the most comfortable, high-quality hunting cushions on the market, and the newest model, the Hunt Comfort Scout will certainly follow suit. The Scout, available in Realtree Xtra, is specifically made for the predator and turkey hunter who want a premium hands-free seat designed for stalk hunting and running and gunning. Made with Hunt Comfort’s SuperLight technology, the Scout is built with two elliptical gel pads in three specialized polyurethane foams. Weighing just 1 pound, 6 ounces, this lightweight seat is trimmed down to an ergonomically shaped pattern that provides comfort and relieves fatigue throughout a day of hunting.

6 | Prois Glommit

Nothing’s worse than waiting for your quarry in subzero temperatures without adequate protection for your hands. The new women’s Prois Glommit gloves are designed to keep your trigger finger warm and ready for action. The Glommit, in Realtree AP, guards hands against the freezing elements, providing warmth and function. The Glommit incorporates a pop-top mitten for additional warmth and protection from ever-changing elements, and its pop-top securely connects on and off via a magnetic closure. Thinsulate insulation guarantees extreme warmth while its laminated brush tricot lining provides waterproof and windproof protection against rain, ice, snow and sleet. 

7 | Onyx ArcticShield Performance Fit Series Jacket

We saw a lot of great new clothing items for female hunters and the new women's Onyx ArcticShield Performance Fit Series Jacket in Realtree Xtra was one of the best-looking items. Designed with a tapered, tailored-style to fit a woman’s silhouette and containing the ArcticShield Light warmth factor for those warmer weather days, the Performance Fit Jacket has a wind- and water-resistant outer shell and is constructed of durable polyester. The jacket features two chest pockets and two lower pockets for ample storage, as well as a dove tail to keep wind and rain out. The rear pane is equipped with ArcticShield technology to provide warmth during longer periods of sitting in the stand or blind.

8 | Tenzing TZ 4000

Tenzing designs packs for those who love a high-tech look, design and function in their hunting gear. The Tenzing TZ 4000 weighs just 7 pounds, 6 ounces, yet it has a total storage capacity of 4,000 cubic inches. Its lightweight design and generous cargo capacity are made for hauling it all in comfort for days afield and then carrying your quarry out when the deal is done. The Tenzing TZ 4000 will adjust from a small and tight daypack, to a midsize daypack, to a full-blown daypack with a meat-hauling separate pocket. So, no matter your plans, this pack will do the trick. 

9 | First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket

First Lite’s new line of clothing in Realtree Xtra was all the talk at the show. The First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket is the weatherproof shell component of the First Lite layering kit. The Boundary Stormtight Jacket incorporates patented Cocona Technology and the industries best DWR and lamination combined with custom constructed fabrics, made to First Lite specifications, to provide protection against the harshest of elements. This feature-packed jacket is ideal for chasing a monster bruit in B.C.

10 | Buckwear Infant Body Suits

You don’t often think of the word “cute” when it comes to products showcased at the ATA Show, but the Buck Wear Infant Body Suits are just that. Accented in Realtree Xtra, these adorable infant body suits for both baby girls and boys reflect the family’s love for the outdoors and a desire to pass that love to the next generation. Made of preshrunk 5.2-ounce cotton material, the Infant Body Suits are comfortable enough for both play and sleep.

11 | Scent-Lok Alpha Tech Suit

The Alpha Tech suit is part of Scent-Lok’s Cool Weather System. Featuring Realtree Xtra, the Alpha Tech jacket and pants is designed with a highly breathable textured polyester with DWR treatment to shed light moisture. The inside layer contains a moisture-wicking synthetic knit for comfort and scent control. The new Alpha Tech series features Scent-Lok’s unmatched Carbon Alloy technology to assist in hunting versatility.

12 | Hunter Safety System Elite Safety Vest

At first glance, the Hunter Safety System Elite Safety Vest looks like a typical camo vest that one would simply wear for warmth or style, but a closer inspection reveals it’s actually a safety vest. The HSS-Elite Safety Vest in Realtree Xtra features a redesigned patented safety system making in lighter and stronger than ever before. The all-season vest is quiet, lightweight and weather-resistant. The HSS Right-Fit zone provides a tailored fit and gives you freedom of movement in the stand. It also has plenty of storage for all your gear thanks to the Six-Plus-Two pocket system, which features two deep-well pockets, two accessory pockets and two hand-warmer pockets.

13 | ScentBlocker SpiderWeb

The folks at ScentBlocker claim the new SpiderWeb safety apparel is the next big thing in treestand safety and scent control. The SpiderWeb apparel line has no straps or buckles to create noise, weight or hassle, but it’s the Trinity Technology that makes it stand out. These lighter garments with stronger and longer absorption promise 40 percent more odor adsorption than carbon and a whopping 200 percent more than zeolite. A milestone in human scent control, Trinity Technology exceeded ScentBlocker’s own expectations.

14 | StealthCam and DRONE Wireless System

Trail cameras have been well established as an integral tool for hunters. They provide critical information while you’re not in the woods. But they have one drawback: Getting that information requires a visit to the camera’s location. Sometimes that’s not possible (if you’re trying to monitor a camera located in a distant locale for example) and sometimes you just don’t want to intrude into the area. The new DRONE system from StealthCam is a cellular-based system that allows you to remotely monitor trail cameras. The system not only allows images to be sent directly to the DRONE desktop system it also allows for GPS mapping of camera locations as well as full control of all camera functions and status updates (battery life, photo mode, etc.) The system retails for $599.99 and includes a StealthCam DRONE camera, the cellular sending antenna, a 12-volt battery system, carrying bag and mounting straps. 

15 | Brunton Portable Power

Brunton is perhaps best known for producing optics and high-end navigational instruments. Now the company is offering a full line of units designed for powering portable devices in the backcountry. Love them or hate them, portable electronic devices have been a way of life for many of us. In many cases, they provide some creature comforts in the wilderness. In others, they are a level of security that can save your life. But they are battery-powered and finding a power outlet in the woods isn't easy. Brunton has two portable power stations that are worth checking out. The Restore unit features dual portable solar panels to charge the battery unit. You can initially charge the unit using a standard wall or vehicle outlet and maintain that charge with the attached solar panel. It’s ideal for charging cellphones, iPods and other personal devices. The unit measures 5.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide and is 1.25 inches thick. It retails for about $120.

The Freedom is essentially the same unit as the Restore but uses a single solar panel for a smaller, more compact unit – it weighs just 6.6 ounces and is .75 inches thick. It retails for about $85.

16 | Tink's Hot Shot

What can possibly be new in the world of pee? Well, plenty apparently. Tink’s, makers of the famous #69 deer lure unveiled several new products at the 2013 ATA Show, but the most intriguing was a new system for delivering that popular pee. The new Hot Shot system uses a bag-in-can system to deliver a fine mist of scent into the air. Unlike the popular Buck Bomb system, the Hot Shot does not use any propellant. Instead, what’s released is 100 percent pure scent. That means you get more scent per bottle and it’s offered at a lower price (it’ll sell for about $9.99). The Hot Shot system is available in a variety of scents: #69, #1 Doe-P, Power Moose, Trophy Buck, Predator Mist and the new Glazed Donut (for bear hunters) and Sweet Weed scents. 

17 | Moultrie Trail Cameras

Moultrie seems to have adopted a new moto for its line of excellent trail cameras: Wider is better. Moultrie has two new units with wide (and ultra-wide) image areas. The Panoramic 150 boasts a whopping 150 degrees of coverage area. The unit features three infrared sensors that when triggered, activate a sliding system that snaps three images to produce a trio of photos that cover 150 degrees of coverage area. The system should be ideal for covering vast areas of food plots, fields and other open areas. The unit is claimed to be able to take up to 9,000 images on six C-cell batteries. And if you don’t want to take images in panoramic mode, the unit can also function as a standard trail camera in both image and timelapse modes. It’ll also shoot HD video. The Panoramic 150 sells for $199.99.

If you’re looking for wide-angle coverage that’s not panoramic, Moultrie’s new D-555i offers 90 degrees of coverage which is about twice as wide as most trail camera angles. The D-555i is an 8 megapixel camera and has a no-glow infrared sensor and flash. Time-lapse, still image and video options (720p) are standard. It operates on six c-cell batteries and retails for $149.99.