Bowcast at the Bird: Where 50 Yards is Close


1 | Mountain View

The Bowcast at the Bird event began yesterday (July 8) in Snowbird, Utah, just up the mountain from Salt Lake City. 

2 | Target Setting

Rick Hansen, who is on the Bowcast/FMP team, stakes in a mule deer target on the FMP Course the day before the event begins. 

3 | The Ram

Here's Rick admiring some of the FMP (that's Full Moon Productions) crew's handy work. Most of the targets on the FMP and Elite courses are 70-yards-plus away. A few are over 100.

4 | Mountain Climbing

A Bowcast shooter prepares for a grueling day on the mountain. The highest targets at this event are at 11,000 feet.

5 | Going Up

Shooters on the FMP and Elite courses reach the beginning of the course via mountain tram. Shawn Monsen points out a few targets to the event's first group of shooters.

6 | The Day Begins

Team FMP's Anthony Dixon and Shawn Monsen go over a few last minute pointers before sending these shooters on their way. The FMP and Elite courses wind their way down the mountain back to Snowbird Lodge, and take several hours to complete. 

7 | Hoyt

That quiver of arrows will likely be a little lighter by the end of the day. 

8 | Deep Breath

The oxygen is thin at this altitude. Getting a deep breath once you're winded can be tough.

9 | Snow Cap

The event began with 20-plus inches of snow atop the mountain.

10 | Sliding Down

Fortunately, the snow made getting to the first few targets pretty easy.

11 | Iron Buck

Easton was back this year with their "Iron Maiden." Shooters who could thread an arrow through the tiny hole behind the metal buck's shoulder won half a dozen new arrows. Shooters who hit the buck elsewhere, well...

12 | Michael Waddell

A surprise guest--Michael Waddell--arrived yesterday afternoon. Here Waddell warms up on the practice range with Anthony Dixon while Steve Finch, producer of Bone Collector, films. 

13 | Warming Up

Waddell lets one fly at a 60-yard target.

14 | Pulling Arrows

Anthony Dixon pulls arrows from the 100-yard elk on the practice range.

15 | Booths

Several vendors with some great products are set up at the event. The Bowcast at the Bird 2011 shoot concludes Sunday, July 9.