New Bows, Sights and Rests from the 2014 ATA Show


1 | Bear Archery

When it comes to sheer numbers of new bows, Bear Archery is tough to beat. It took the better part of an hour to run through the entire new product line at the Bear booth this morning, but it was worth it. New bows for 2014 include the Anarchy HC, a hybrid cam redesign of the Anarchy, Bear’s incredibly popular 35-inch single cam from a couple years ago. Also new is a high-end ladies’ bow called the Rumor. That one’s another hybrid cam bow with a streamlined profile matching last year’s Motive. The Rumor, the new official bow of Realtree Girl, weighs a feathery 3.6 pounds. Our favorite bow of the Bear lineup, though, was the new Agenda. Available in a 6- and 7-inch brace height version (called the Agenda 6 and Agenda 7, respectively), this one is a smoking-fast (350 fps), 32-inch axle-to-axle bow with hybrid cams and a press-free draw-length adjustment of 25 ½ to 30 inches (Agenda 6) and 26 ½ to 31 inches (Agenda 7).

2 | Cajun Archery

Cajun Archery is a classic company in the world of bowfishing. But they’ve gotten a shot in the arm this past year. Front and center of their product line is the Sucker Punch bow paired with Cajun’s new Hybrid bowfishing reel, a rig that offers the best of both spin-casting and bottle reels. We tried it out on the range, and arrow retrieval was lightning fast – and one-handed. The Sucker Punch is a 35 1/4-inch axle-to-axle bow available with two draw modules. One is a constant draw module (no let-off) that’s perfect for snap-shooting. The other is a 60 percent let-off module. These can be changed in minutes without a press. The bow sports a peak draw weight of 50 pounds and a draw length range of 17 to 31 inches. 

3 | Elite

The two flagship bows in Elite’s 2014 lineup include the Energy 32 and Energy 35. The 32- and 35-inch bows, respectively, sport Elite’s new riser design that includes the unmistakable “riser cage,” which Elite claims increases the riser’s strength by 30 percent and rigidity by 19 percent. Paired with Elite’s signature draw cycle and rock-solid back wall, both bows are incredibly sweet shooters. The bows both sport 7-inch brace heights and have IBO speeds of 330 to 337 fps. The 32-incher weighs 4.3 pounds, while the Energy 35 weighs 4.5 pounds. Also new to the Elite lineup is a high-end ladies’ bow called the Spirit. This bow has a 31 7/8-inch axle-to-axle length, peak weights of 30, 40, 45, 50 or 60 pounds, and top-end speed ratings of 307 fps. We can’t wait to get our hands on that one during the 2014 Realtree Women’s bow test. 

4 | Prime by G5

Prime by G5's new-for-2014 bow is called the Alloy. Featuring the unique Parallel PCX Cam system introduced on last year’s Prime Impact, the Alloy is a much better balanced, handier package in our opinion. It sports a 33 1/4 axle-to-axle length, 6 3/4-inch brace height, and a reduced weight of 4.2 pounds. IBO speeds are 335 fps. We shot it on the range and noticed especially good balance, paired with a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall. 

5 | Trophy Ridge

One of our favorite products from the 2013 ATA Show was the React Sight from Trophy Ridge. That multiple-pin sight used “Smart Pin” technology to automatically calculate the gaps needed between your pins from 20 to 60 yards, regardless of your arrow speed. For 2014, Trophy Ridge has introduced a single-pin version of the React sight, called the React One. Using the same technology, the shooter adjusts the sight to create the right gaps on the back of the sight, where the yardage marker tape is typically placed on a single-pin slider. Once the 20- and 40-yard gaps are set, the sight is ready to go clear out to 100 yards. No tools required.

6 | G5 CMax

The  G5 CMax is one of the coolest drop-away rests we’ve seen in awhile. A limb-driven rest that will work off either the top or bottom limb, this rest provides 100 percent arrow containment with a profile unlike any other drop-away rest on the market. G5 claims to have cycled the CMax 1 million times without fail before putting it on the market. That has our attention.

7 | New Archery Products

The New Archery Products Apache Predator L.E.D. Stabilizer Light comes in a bowfishing (white light), predator hunting (green light), predator crossbow (green light) and tactical version (white light). Weighing only 6 ounces and 6 inches long, this water-resistant light illuminates out to 150 yards. The all-aluminum construction makes it both rugged and scratch-resistant. Price is $69 for standard; $79 for crossbow and tactical.

8 | Kwikee Kwiver

New for 2014, all Kwikee Kwivers are available in Realtree Xtra. The Hi-5, contains five arrows of any diameter. The directional arrow holder can be reversed for left-handed shooters. The new bracket system allows you to attach the quiver to the bow with one hand, but still fits into the previous generation Kwikee bracket. Price is $65.

9 | TruGlo

The full-containment drop-away TruGlo Downdraft Arrow Rest by TruGlo is now available in Realtree Xtra for 2014. Installation is quick and easy with no bow press required. The Downdraft features lightweight all-metal construction and a high-speed stainless-steel launcher arm. The sealed bushings increase downward speed at launch. The Downdraft works on both left- and right-handed bows. Price is $74.

10 | Extreme Archery

The Extreme EXR (Extended Series) Sniper Series sights utilize Lightning Fire tube style fiber optic pins with extended length fiber optic for minimal target blockage to enhance long range accuracy while maintaining pin brightness with ultra-small diameter fiber optics. The EXR Sniper Series comes in fixed plate (1900) or dovetail (2000) models to meet both hunting or target needs. Price is $179.

11 | Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Designs has partnered up with Bowtech and PSE to design custom fitting Ultrarests for each manufacturers’ bows. The two new rest models not only visually compliment the Bowtech and PSE bows, but they are designed to unleash the bows’ full potential. The seamless fit to the riser requires very little adjustment and no extra parts for perfect center shot and tuning. The PSE version even incorporates PSE’s Posi-Lock System. The Ultrarest locks into shooting position and won’t drop unless the bow is fired. Price is $149. 

12 | Nockturnal

The folks at Nockturnal are introducing the new Helios as the first lighted fletching system in the world. It features both a lighted knock and lighted veins. Weighing in at 54 grains, the 6-vein Helios is designed to maintain its trajectory and balance in gusty wind as demonstrated at the ATA show by a wind machine pointed directly at the Helios. The Helios will be available this spring for $29.99 (three-pack).

13 | The Rage 3

The Rage 3 broadhead is designed to do some damage. With six cutting surfaces (1/2-inch cut on tip and 1/75-inch cut on blades) and an offset design, the Rage 3 creates a large, destructive hole for a quicker, more certain kill. The Rage 3, which promises guaranteed deployment, will hit the market spring 2014. Price is $49.99 for three.

14 | Muzzy Phantom SC

New and edgy packaging isn’t the only change for the new Muzzy Phantom. The Phantom SC is shorter, stouter and stronger than the original. The Phantom SC features a solid-steel ferrule, a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter and an ultra-compact leading-edge blade design that starts working the instant it makes contact. The bleeder blade follows with a secondary cut, making blood trails short and heavy with a well-placed hit. With its steel ferrule and durable 0.050-inch thick blades, the new Phantom SC slices soft tissue on contact, yet it has the robustness and sharpness to bust through bone. Price is $39.99. 

15 | HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet

The HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet is an innovative single pin sight for the beginning archer. Weighing just 5 ounces, the Optimizer Lite Cadet is 100 percent machined aluminum (no castings or plastic). The one pin design gives the young archer a single pin to focus on versus the clutter and confusion of multiple pins. This sight is ideal for teaching new archers how to adjust for various ranges. Price is $59.99. 

16 | AMS Bowfishing

The AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Tournament Series Reel has been bulked up with a lightning fast 4.3 to 1 gear ratio. It also has a longer handle for increased leverage and speed along with AMS Hi-Visibility yellow Dacron line. Price is $109.99.

17 | Wasp Drone

This stainless steel Drone by Wasp features a patent-pending trocar tip that doesn’t move. The super-strong, deep-penetrating blades are pre-aligned with the cutting edge of the tip for pass-through performance. The three-blade, 100-grain Drone produces a 1 ½-inch cut. Price is $29.99 (three pack/two replacement blades). 

18 | Slick Trick

The Slick Trick D6 Magnum is designed specifically to fit the small-diameter Easton Deep Six Inserts and arrows. The D6 Magnum combines the classic design of the 1-1/8-inch Magnum with the new micro diameter technology for impressive speed and penetration. The .035 SS Lutz blades, Supersteel ferrule and four-edge, bone-splitting tip make for a deadly combination. Price is $29.99 for three.

19 | Custom Bow Equipment

The Custom Bow Equipment Sniper Pro X features an ultra-light, compact design and the Sniper Pro X’s Improved Armed Guard Fiber Management System for brighter pins and better protection with 12 inches of fiber. The Dovetail elevation gang adjustment features visual laser engraved markings. Additional features include improved Smart-Mount multi-positioning mounting holes and fully machined aluminum construction. Price is $169 for the 3-pin model; $179 for the 5-pin.

20 | Strother Archery

Strother Archery unveiled a new cam at the 2014 ATA Show – and the bow that the cam was specifically designed for. The Vital is Strother’s 2014 model and utilizes the Bcam III, which offers 3 1/2 inches of draw length adjustment (26 1/2 to 30 inches) and delivers IBO speeds up to 335 fps and 80 percent let off. The bow features dual draw stops that create  a dead-solid backwall feel. The Vital is 32 inches axle-to-axle with a brace height of 7 inches. The Vital is offered in a cool-looking Realtree AP/Black combination pattern. 

21 | Hoyt

Hoyt unveiled three new models for 2014 and they run the gamut of budgets and riser materials. The company’s premier offering is the Carbon Spyder, which takes Hoyt’s carbon riser technology up a notch by using oval and square carbon tubing in addition to the round tubing previously found on Hoyt’s carbon riser models. The result is a lighter, stronger and quieter carbon bow. The Carbon Spyder utilizes the new Z5 cam which is also the cam used on Hoyt’s new aluminum flagship bow, the Faktor. Offered in 30-, 34- and 33-inch models, the Faktor has IBO speeds ranging from 330 to 340 fps depending on setup. Brace height is 6 ¾-inches for the 30- and 34-inch models while the 33-inch Turbo has a 6-inch brace height. The Ignite is a new ultra-adjustable bow offering 11 inches of draw length adjustment (19 to 30 inches) and draw weight adjustability from 15 to 70 pounds. And it’ll sell for about $300.

22 | Barnett

With all of the advancements in crossbows in recent years, you’d think companies would start to run out of ideas. Barnett, apparently, has not. The new Razr is a crossbow loaded with technology – and a knife. Yes, a knife. The Razr features a tactical look in all black with a carbonlite riser and black aluminum rail. The buttpad is adjustable and there’s a nifty retractable underarm support. And housed in the stock is a removable skinning knife.